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Shrink sleeve applicators are known as shrink sleevers, shrink banders, tamper evident banders, neck banders, and, as some machines are capable of both, full body sleevers or shrink labels. Some machines cut after the film has been forced over the product by a V knife. Others may cut while the stock is still flat while being held by vacuum cups, and the high speed machines use a group of circular cutters located outside the mandrel after the band has been fed onto the product. Circular cutters work so fast that speeds of over 250 bottles per minute are possible on a single head.

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Powerskinner photo
Sleever International Powerskinner Stainless Steel Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Used Sleever International Powerskinner Shrink Sleeve Applicator with: Output: Up to 300 containers per minute depending on the application Lad flat range: 50-195 mm Length: 70-260 mm Knife cut apparatus...

EZ-100 photo
Axon EZ-100 Stainless Steel Sleeve Applicator with Marburg Industries Heat Tunnel

Used Axon Sleeve Applicator with: Single head Sleeves 150 containers per minute (dependent on container) Sleeve layflat range: 20 to 112 millimeters (0.79 to 4.41 inches) Container diameter: 11 to...

EZ-A1 photo
Axon EZ-A1 Stainless Steel Neck Bander with Photo Eye Sensor

Used Axon EZ-A1 Neck Bander with: Production output: up to 40 containers per minute depending on application Previous film diameters ran: Current: 1.875 inches 50 mm: 1.5 inches 55 mm: 1.625...

F-200 photo
PDC F-200 Tamper Evident Stainless Steel Neck Bander

Used PDC Tamper Evident Nack Bander: The PDC F Series was developed specifically to apply tamper evident bands to large diameter tapered tubs and straight-walled containers (for cultured dairy products, margarine,...

90-ER photo
PDC 90-ER High Speed Sleever/Tamper Evident Neck Bander

Used PDC Neck Sleever/Bander: Output: 100-400 containers per minute Sleeve ranges: Diameter: 0.375-3 inches Height: 0.625-7 inches Worm screw Touch screen controls Electrical: ...

LX-100 photo
AFM LX-100 Shrink Sleeve Applicator w/ Tamper Band

New AFM LX-100 Shrink Sleeve Applicator and Tamper Band with: Single head round cylindrical mandrel style labeling system Designed for low to moderate production rates Kit of spare parts included Mandrel...

EZ-650 photo
Axon EZ-650 Wide Frame Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Used Axon EZ-650 Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator with: Designed for larger sleeving and neck banding applications, such as multi-packs, tubs, and scrounds Output: up to 40 containers per minute Film...

EZ-3-300 photo
Axon EZ-3-300 Shrink Sleeve Applicator System

Used Axon EZ-300 Shrink Sleeve Applicator System with: Shrink sleeve application system with 3 Axon EZ-300 shrink sleeve applicators and 2 Axon EZ-72-BR shrink sleeve heat tunnels EZ-300 Shrink Sleeve Applicators ...

SST-250S photo
Sleeve Seal SSL-100 Stainless Steel Shrink Sleeve Applicator with SST-250S Heat Tunnel

USed Sleeve Seal Shrink Sleeve Applicator with: Production speed: up to 100 cans per minute, depending on application Bottle sizes: 25 - 125 mm diameter Label length: 25 - 180 mm Label thickness:...

Aurora SS photo
Axon Aurora Shrink Sleeve Applicator With ThermoPoint Steam Tunnel And Butler Splicer: 400 CPM

Aurora multi-pack, shrink sleeve label, and tamper band applicators are the mid-speed models in Axon's complete line of shrink systems. Aurora applicators provide dependable, steady-state production speeds...

SL-200 photo
Generic Manufacturing Corporation SL-200 Shrink Sleeve Applicator With Steam Tunnel

Generic Manufacturing Model SL-200 Fully Automatic large Shrink Labeler is designed for high speed Shrink Sleeve Labeling and Tamper Evident Banding applications up to 200 containers per minute (cpm), dependent...

Premier Shrink photo
Aesus Premier Shrink Sleeve Applicator And 72"L Hybrid Shrink Tunnel Up To 175 Containers Per Minute

Our Compact Premier Shrink is ideal for the application of full-body sleeves and / or tamper evident neck bands at medium speeds. It has a very small footprint, yet its’ continuous motion operation will help you...

EZ-150SL photo
Axon EZ-150SL Shrink Sleeve Applicator Line With 3 Section Heat Tunnel 150 Containers Per Minute

Axon’s EZ-150SL is a value priced, small footprint, low-speed shrink sleeve applicator designed to run up to 150 containers per minute. It is a mandrel style machine developed for ready-to-drink beverage cans and...

Bandstar photo
Capmatic Bandstar Tamper Evident Stainless Steel Neck Band Applicator

Used Capmatic Bandstar with: Speed: up to 150 bottles per minute (depending on product specifications) Capabilities: round, square, oval, and rectangular bottles Stainless steel construction Touchscreen...

LSA-160 photo
Tripack LSA-160 Stainless Steel Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The LSA-160 Vertical Shrink Sleeve Applicator is capable of running full body shrink sleeve labels and tamper evident banding. Its compact design and economical price provides a good entry point for...

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