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This type of shrink sleeve equipment heats air around a package that is wrapped in a shrink sleeve. The heat causes the shrink sleeve to fit tightly around the product. Heat tunnels are usually designed with a conveyor belt to carry the product through the tunnel. Each tunnel has adjustable temperature controls. A shrink sleeve heat tunnel is designed for use with shrink sleeve, neck bander or tamper evident applicators.

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EZ-24-SR2 photo
Axon EZ-24-SR2 Stainless Steel Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel

Used Axon EZ-24-SR2 Stainless Steel Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel with: Cantilever design, fits over existing conveyor line Tunnel aperture opening: Width: 7.5 inches Height: 7 inches 24 inch long...

EZ-36-BR photo
Axon EZ-36-BR Stainless Steel Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel

Used Axon Sleeve Heat Tunnel with: Convective (forced hot air, re-circulated) Cantilever design, fits over existing conveyor line 4.25 inch width x 4.5 inch height tunnel aperture 36 inch long heat...

Sacmi 23 Feet Long Steam Tunnel

Used Sacmi Steam Tunnel with: Previously running 12 ounce to 1 liter plastic bottles Nine (9) viewing windows: 9.5 width x 13.5 height (inches) Aperture opening: 8 width x 25.5 height (inches)...

WSN-300-2M photo
AFM WSN-300-2M Steam Heat Tunnel Using House Steam

New AFM WSN-300-2M Steam Heat Tunnel with: Designed to direct house steam where needed to band Suitable for PVC, PETG, OPS, and PLA labels and neck bands Multiple steam zones and adjustable tier manifold...

EZ-48-SRB-9-11 photo
Axon EZ 48 Dual Chamber Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel

Used Axon EZ 48 Dual Chamber Heat Tunnel with: Aperture: Height: 11 inches Width: 10.5 inches Tunnel: Length: 24 inches (both 48 inches) Height: 20 inches Working...

RH-30 photo
Aesus RH-30 Stainless Steel Hybrid Electric Steam Shrink Wrap Tunnel

Used Aesus RH-30 Steam Shrink Wrap Tunnel with: Production speed: 30 containers per minute Previous application: 6 and 15 ounce specialty containers Infeed/Discharge: 48 inches Steam tunnel aperture: ...

BSS-1538 Label Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel

Used Label Shrink Packager with: Speed: up to 500 packages per year (depending on product specifications) Packaging dimensions: Maximum width: 105 millimeters Maximum height: 350 millimeters...

KRC18-46 photo
PDC KRC 18 46 710 Stainless Steel Electric Heat Tunnel 7" Wide x 10.5" Tall

Used PDC Electric Heat Tunnel with: Total aperture: 7 inches wide x 10 inches tall Tunnel length: 45 inches Maximum Temperature: 465 degrees fahrenheit Adjustable height Current height from...

Axon 7"W by 7"H Heat Shrink Tunnel with Conveyor

Used Axon Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Aperature dimensions: Width: 7 inches Height: 7 inches Tunnel length: 36 inches Conveyor width: 6 inches Steam shrink application Electrical: 220 volts,...

EZ-80 photo
Axon EZ-80 Stainless Steel Shrink Steam Tunnel

Used Axon EZ-80 Steam Sealer with: Heating type: steam Applications: Tamper bands Shrink sleeves Aperture: Width: 6.5 inches Height: adjustable up to 12.5 inches ...

AFM WSN-GEN 300 SS Sleeve Steam Shrink Tunnel w Steam Generator

Used AFM Steam Shrink Tunnel with: Includes: Steam generator 1 Zone with 2 tiers Conveyor: Width: 4.5 inches Length: 237 inches Height: 34 inches Speed: variable speed...

APV 486 Stainless Steel Shrink Tunnel 33" Long

Used APV Shrink Tunnel with: Stainless steel construction Tunnel aperture: 33.5 inches long x 17 inches tall Conveyor: Mesh belt material 1/3 horsepower motor 30 inches wide x 76 inches long...

WSN 600 2M photo
AFM WSN-600-2M Steam Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel

Used AFM WSN-GEN S 600-2M Steam Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel with: Tunnel opening dimensions: Width: 5 inches Height: 9 inches Maximum product dimensions: Width: 4 inches Height:...

B-2BB, T-8PR photo
Shanklin B-2BB Shrink Bundler with Shrink Tunnel

Used Shanklin Bundler with: Speed: up to 25 packages per minute, depending on materials and application Seal bar width: 42 inches Package capacity: Height: 15 inches Maximum film width: 40 inches...

ES-200 photo
NAFM ES-200 Heat Tunnel

Used NAFM ES-200 Heat Tunnel with: Tunnel dimensions: Length: 59 inches Width: 7.9 inches Height: 13.8 inches Temperature: 400° farenheit Electrics: Volts: 240 phase: 3...

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