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This type of filler uses the rotation of an auger to measure out the proper amount of product and then dispenses it into a container. Auger filling machines are commonly used for filling dry products, powders and granules. Auger filler systems are relatively closed, making them a good choice for very fine powders, which can release airborne particles into other systems.

A100 photo
AMS Fill Systems A100 Semi Automatic Auger Filler
Inventory #: G7072Can Rent

Used AMS Fill Systems A100 Semi Automatic Auger Filler with: Hopper: Capacity: 16 gallons Diameter: 21 inches Dust proof 1.5 horsepower motor 7 inch diameter product infeed...

B-600 photo
All-Fill B-600 Semi-Automatic Filler and Scale
Inventory #: G5721Featured Can Rent

Used All-Fill B-600 Auger Filler and Doran Table-Top Scale with: Previously used to batch fill containers with product by weight Hopper dimensions: 20 inch diameter x 12 inch straight side x 14 deep cone...

1800B photo
Mateer-Burt 1800B Servo Driven Auger Filler
Inventory #: D5641Can Rent

Used Mateer-Burt 1800B Auger Filler with: Servo motor driven Hopper dimensions: 15 inches deep x 21 inch base diameter Approximate hopper capacity: 7.5 inches Infeed diameter: 6.75 inches Requires...

3500S photo
Spee-Dee Digitronic Stainless Servo Auger Filler
Inventory #: D5635Can Rent

Used Spee-Dee Packaging Digitronic Auger Filler with: Servo motors Hopper dimensions: 20 inches tall x 20 inch diameter Approximate hopper capacity: 9 gallons Auger length: 40 inches Auger...

3500 S Twin photo
Spee-Dee Digitronic 3500 S Servo Auger Filler
Inventory #: D7656Can Rent

Used Spee-Dee Digitronic Servo Auger Filler with: Hopper dimensions: 20.5 inches tall x 22 inch diameter Hopper volume: 1.5 cubic feet Infeed diameter: 3.75 inches Auger length: 54 inches ...

3500IAB photo
Spee-Dee 3500IAB Digitronic Servo Auger Filler
Inventory #: D5642Can Rent

Used SpeeDee 3500IAB Auger Filler with: Servo powered Auger length: 40 inches Auger diameter: 1.5 inches Auger flight centers: 2 inches Hopper capacity: 16 gallons Stainless steel construction...

B400SV photo
All-Fill Cerebus B400SV Servo Auger Filler
Inventory #: C6940Can Rent

Used Cerebus All Fill B400SV Auger Filler with: Can be mounted over VFFS or other equipment Rexroth Indramat permanent magnet motor Push button HMI Stainless steel contact parts Hopper infeed...

B-400-SV photo
All-Fill B-400-SV Auger Filler
Inventory #: C6939Can Rent

Used All-Fill B-400-SV Auger Filler with: Auger fill previously used for filling bags of sugar Cerebus controls and HMI Stainless steel contact parts Stand not included Requires replacement auger...

1909 photo
Mateer Burt 1909 Auger Filler Adjustable Stand
Inventory #: B3862Can Rent

Used Mateer Bart 1909 Mixer with: 1.5 horsepower motor 12 inch throat 48 inches from head to base Foot pedal with a 72 inch long cord Mateer series 9 control panel Missing hopper bowl

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