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Filling machines are used to fill a bottle, pouch, or other container with a product. This equipment is commonly used in the food industry. Fillers can be used to dispense a variety of products including liquids, pastes, chunky products, powders, granules, tablets, capsules, etc. Most filling machines are available from semi-automatic tabletop versions all the way up to high-speed production line machines.

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SKF4000 photo
Sure Kap SKF4000 In-Line Gravity Filler w Pump
Can Rent

Used Sure Kap SKF 4000 In-Line Gravity Filler with: Semi-automatic with time fill via microprocessor Filling heads: 10 stainless steel nozzles Currently set to run 7 filling heads Fill range: 1 ounce...

IQ-1E photo
Weigh Right IQ 1E Net Weigh Single Lane Filler
Rental Only

Used Weight Right Filler with: Application: vibratory, net weigh filler for small volumes, free flowing products Output/fill rates per minute: 1 - 4 ounces: 20 8 ounces - 1 pound: 15...

1000C1TW photo
Liqui-Box Model 1000 Semi-Auto Bag-in-Box Filler
Can Rent

Used Liqui-Box 1000 Semi-Auto Bag-in-Box Filler with: Single head Bagging area: Length: 24 inches Width: 33 inches Rate of fill: 1 gallon: 5 - 6...

3500 S Twin photo
Spee-Dee Digitronic 3500 S Servo Auger Filler
Can Rent

Used Spee-Dee Digitronic Servo Auger Filler with: Hopper dimensions: 20.5 inches tall x 22 inch diameter Hopper volume: 1.5 cubic feet Infeed diameter: 3.75 inches Auger length: 54 inches ...

1800B photo
Mateer-Burt 1800B Servo Driven Auger Filler
Can Rent

Used Mateer-Burt 1800B Auger Filler with: Servo motor driven Hopper dimensions: 15 inches deep x 21 inch base diameter Approximate hopper capacity: 7.5 inches Infeed diameter: 6.75 inches Requires...

3500S photo
Spee-Dee Digitronic Stainless Servo Auger Filler
Can Rent

Used Spee-Dee Packaging Digitronic Auger Filler with: Servo motors Hopper dimensions: 20 inches tall x 20 inch diameter Approximate hopper capacity: 9 gallons Auger length: 40 inches Auger...

3500IAB photo
Spee-Dee 3500IAB Digitronic Servo Auger Filler
Can Rent

Used SpeeDee 3500IAB Auger Filler with: Servo powered Auger length: 40 inches Auger diameter: 1.5 inches Auger flight centers: 2 inches Hopper capacity: 16 gallons Stainless steel construction...

CBE photo
Spee-Dee Packaging CBE Volumetric Cup Filler
Can Rent

Used SpeeDee Packaging CBE Volumetric Cup Filler with: 4 pockets Rotary Output: up to 20 to 120 fills per minute, depending on product and filling volume Fill size range: 8cc to 3 liters, may require...

AEF-7 photo
Weighpack AEF7 Linear Net Weight Scale Filler
Can Rent

Used Weighpack AEF7 Net Weight Filler with: Feeder: Highest: Length: 18 inches Width: 11 inches Middle: Length: 20 inches Width: 12 inches ...

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