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These types of vertical form, fill, and seal machines weigh the product amount before dispensing it. Scale and net weigh filler VFFS machines are commonly used for products like candy and nuts.

A-1200-R, PLATFORM, Insight, A10 photo
Avatar A-1200-R VFFS and A10 Combination Weigher
Inventory #: D7418Featured Can Rent

Used Avatar A-1200-R VFFS and A10 Combination Weigher with: Avatar A-1200-R Vertical Form Fill Seal Seal jaw width: 10 inches Hot knife seal Former diameter: 3 inches Touchscreen...

SB72PD USDA photo
Triangle SB7PD VFFS Scale and Zipper Applicator
Inventory #: C9243Can Rent

Used Triangle SB7PD VFFS Bagger, Eriez Linear Scale and Zipper Applicator with: 12 bucket, 6 lane linear scale Previously used for frozen foods Power film unwind Maximum film width: 25 inches ...

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