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A pallet inverter or pile turner is a machine that is used to turn over pallets while still loaded with products. The reasons for needing to turn over a pallet are varied, but one main reason is the need to replace a broken or inappropriate pallet without un-stacking the whole load. Pallet inverters can use hydraulics or electric motors to manipulate the product.

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Premier 4500 Pound Hydraulic Pallet Inverter

Used Premier Pallet Inverter: Capacity: 4500 pounds Opening dimensions: Length: 50 inches Width: 42 inches Height: 72 inches 90 degree pallet rotation Hydraulic operation Electrical: Volts:...

LDT-2000 photo
Cherry's Industrial LDT-2000 Pallet Tipper

Used Cherry's Industrial LDT-2000 Pallet Tipper With: Max Load Capacity: 2000 lbs 90 degrees of tilt 25 second cycle time 0-3000 PSI system pressure Operator console control...

DC-110 photo
Cherrys Industrial DC-110 Dual Clamp 180 Degree Pallet Inverter

New Cherrys Industrial DC-110 Pallet Inverter with: Designed to handle the widest range of load heights Load weight capacity: 4,400 pounds Load handling range: 42 to 104 inches Free standing 180...

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