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A top load case packer is able to accommodate a wide variety of product types, including fragile or heavy containers and flexible pouches. A robotic and pick and place case packer uses a robotic arm to pick up product from a certain location and place it into the case. The product is first collated, then a special plate or load head descends on the product and lifts it using either vacuum or mechanical grippers. The load head then lowers the containers into the case. Top load case packers are ideal for containers that can be gripped at the top, such as glass or plastic bottles.

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Combi Servo Case Erector Packer with TB100 Top and Bottom CaseTaper

Used Combi SSP Servo Case Packer and Sealer with: Automatic servo pick and place case loader, erector and sealer Right hand cases TBS 100 top and bottom taper Tape heads: 2 inches Production output...

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