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The bowl chopper is stronger and more durable than other food mixers so that it can mix some of the toughest meats and ingredients. A bowl chopper works by rotating food in a bowl through spinning blades to chop meats and other ingredients down to the desired texture and size. When first introduced, bowl choppers were intended only to chop meats. Today, they are made for a variety of additional purposes. Some are made for industrial uses such as chopping up large pieces of meat into smaller, more workable sizes. Other bowl choppers are made for restaurants which need to process meat and mix ingredients. These smaller mixers can be used not only for meat, but also for vegetables, grains and other ingredients.

VCM 40 photo
Stephan VCM 40 Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper
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Used Stephan VCM40 Bowl Chopper with: 40 quart capacity Stainless steel contact parts 7.5 horse power motor Bowl diameter: 10 inches

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