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This type of equipment wraps film around a product, then folds each open end down, making a pattern of two triangles on each side. Folded film overwrapper machines can be automatic or semiautomatic. A semiautomatic machine requires an operator to place the product in the correct position, and use a foot pedal to seal the film. Folded film overwrappers are commonly used to wrap boxes of soap, tea, candy, and other products.

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626 photo
Scandia 626 Folded Film Overwrapper
Inventory #: G2383Can Rent

Used Scandia 626 Overwrapper with: Folded film overwrapper for products such as CD and DVD cases, Cigar 5-packs, Chicklet cartons, small plumbing fixtures in trays, Post-it Notes, pharmaceutical cartons,...

CM 40 SE photo
Bergami CM 40 SE Overwrapper
Inventory #: D1815Can Rent

Used Bergami CM 40 SE Overwrapper with: Designed for the cosmetic market Output: 40 to 50 wraps per minute, depending on product size Product size range, may require OEM change parts: A: 60...

626 photo
Scandia 626 Folded Film Overwrapper
Inventory #: B6275Can Rent

Used Scandia 626 Folded Film Overwrapper with: Previously running CD cases at approximately 120 pieces per minute Minimum product dimensions: 2 inches long x 3.25 inches wide x .3125 inches Maximum...

CM50-3 photo
Otari CM50-3 DVD Casing Machine
Inventory #: B6272Can Rent

Use Otari CM50-3 DVD Casing Machine with: Labor and cost saving solution for DVD casing process for small and flexible production Inserts DVD booklet and disc into the case, then wraps the case Output:...

3786 photo
BFB 3786 Overwrapper for Collating Overwrapping
Inventory #: A1778Can Rent

Used BFB Overwrapper with: The BFB 3786 is a high speed automatic overwrapping machine for collating and overwrapping cartoned products (cartoned or paper-wrapped soaps, etc.) with heat-sealable film (PVC,...

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