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105-28TW photo
Arpac 105-28TW Inline Shrink Bundler With Shrink Tunnel

Used Arpac Bundler with: Intermittent motion Overall dimensions: Length: 16.7 feet Width: 5 feet Height: 6.6 Feet Seal bar aperture: 1 foot Output: Up to 25 bundles per minute, depending...

CFH-16-24-32 VL photo
Polypack CFH-16-24-32 VL Inline Automatic Shrink Bundler with Heat Tunnel

Used Polypack CFH Inline Automatic Shrink Bundler with: Output: up to 70 packages per minute depending on materials and application Seal bar height: 8.5 inches Maximum film web width: 32 inches ...

EDL Intermittent Stainless Steel Shrink Wrap Bundler

Used EDL Shrink Bundler: In line Intermittent motion Infeed width: 25.5 inches Discharge width: 33 inches Infeed/discharge height: 36 inches Tunnel dimensions: Width: approximately 34...

Capra 120LS-SS photo
Arpac Capra 120LS-SS Shrink Bundler

Used Arpac Capra 120LS-SS Shrink Bundler with: Lugged infeed dimensions: 90 inches long x 21 inches wide Lug centers: 23 inches Infeed height: 35.5 inches Outfeed height: 35.5 inches Vacuum hold...

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