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This type of equipment uses glue to seal an erected tray. A blank tray is passed in front of glue applicators and then pushed through a former by a platen. The edges of the tray are folded up by the platen and secured into position by the glue.

TF-600VK photo
SWF TF 600VK Vertical Glue Seal Tray Erector
Can Rent

Used SWF TF 600VK Vertical Glue Seal Tray Erector with: Automatic glue tray erector Overall blank tray dimensions, different tray sizes will require OEM change parts: Minimum: 16 inches...

TTF photo
Bosch Sigpack Dual Head TTF Modular Tray Former
Can Rent

Used Bosch Sigpack TTF Tray Former with: Modular carton former for forming trays from flat blanks Dual heads Forms trays with or without attached lid Change components are lightweight and have quick...

HSWD photo
Kliklok HSWD Glue Tray Former
Can Rent

Used Kliklok HSWD Glue Tray Former with: Set to run: 8.5 inch x 6 inches x 2.4375 inch deep trays 2 lanes Vacuum blank tray pick-off Discharge height: 52.5 inches Cantilever design, sits over...

Jones Tray Former 14"x 15" Blank Size
Can Rent

Used Jones Tray Former with: Tray size of 14 inches x 15 inches Finished product outfeed is 6 inches wide x 8 inches long Product sensors 1 horsepower Reliance electric motor Easy-Pac glue unit...

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