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This type of equipment assembles product trays using flat blanks. Tray formers may be semi-automatic or automatic, and are able to assemble many different tray styles.

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TF-600VK photo
SWF TF 600VK Vertical Glue Seal Tray Erector
Can Rent

Used SWF TF 600VK Vertical Glue Seal Tray Erector with: Automatic glue tray erector Overall blank tray dimensions, different tray sizes will require OEM change parts: Minimum: 16 inches...

TTF photo
Bosch Sigpack Dual Head TTF Modular Tray Former
Can Rent

Used Bosch Sigpack TTF Tray Former with: Modular carton former for forming trays from flat blanks Dual heads Forms trays with or without attached lid Change components are lightweight and have quick...

Bradman-Lake Dual Lane Tuck Tab Tray Erector
Can Rent

Used Bradman-Lake Tray Erector with: Tuck tab tray erector Dual product lanes Allen-Bradley PowerFlex4 AC drives Reciprocating vacuum blank pick-off Tray dimensions: 101 millimeters wide x 304...

741-A1 photo
Doboy 741 AI Tab Tuck Tray Former
Can Rent

Used Doboy 741 AI Former with: Tuck tab tray former Finished tray dimensions: 10 inches x 7 inches x 1.875 inches deep Blank tray dimensions: 13.75 inches x 10.75 inches Stainless steel...

HSWD photo
Kliklok HSWD Glue Tray Former
Can Rent

Used Kliklok HSWD Glue Tray Former with: Set to run: 8.5 inch x 6 inches x 2.4375 inch deep trays 2 lanes Vacuum blank tray pick-off Discharge height: 52.5 inches Cantilever design, sits over...

Jones Tray Former 14"x 15" Blank Size
Can Rent

Used Jones Tray Former with: Tray size of 14 inches x 15 inches Finished product outfeed is 6 inches wide x 8 inches long Product sensors 1 horsepower Reliance electric motor Easy-Pac glue unit...

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