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This type of machine has a disc that rotates, and arms that guide the rotated bottles or other packaging containers. The arms guide the containers to the outside of the disc, and then the containers are guided off the unscrambler, usually onto a conveyor. This ensures that the containers will be in a single file line. In some cases, containers are already upright when they go into the disc unscrambler. In other cases, containers are randomly assorted when they enter the unscrambler, and they are deployed on their side, using a secondary orienter to set them upright.

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AMS 900U 48" Diameter Unscrambler Table

New AMS A-900U Unscrambler Rotary Table with: Orients and feeds containers into automated line Production output rate: Up to 120 containers per minute Table diameter: 48 inches Suitable for glass, plastic,...

RU 3200 photo
ACASI RU 3200 42 Inch Diameter Unscrambling Table

New ACASI RU 3200 42" Dia. Unscrambling Rotary Table with: Production output rate: Up to 150 containers per minute Table diameter: 42 inches Bottle orienting guide DC gear motor Variable...

WEP80/22 photo
Hoppmann Centrifugal Bowl Unscrambler

Used Hoppmann Centrifugal Bowl Unscrambler Hopper 40 inches deep Hopper dimensions: 151 inches long 72 inches wide 107 inches tall 130 volt Bodine motor controlling the bottom belt Baldor motor controlling...

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