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This type of pressure sensitive labeler dispenses labels onto round products. After the wraparound pressure sensitive labeler has applied the label, the product is rolled, firmly attaching the label.

PRL1500 photo
Weiler PRL1500 Pharma Wraparound Labeler Outserter
Inventory #: D7430Can Rent

Used Weiler Engineering PRL 1500 Labeler with: Rotary, high speed wraparound pressure sensitive labeler Previously used in a pharmaceutical application Previously ran: 95, 200, and 325 cc rectangular...

1500 photo
LSI 1500 Wraparound Pressure Sensitive Labeler
Inventory #: C8539Can Rent

Used LSI 1500 Wraparound Pressure Sensitive Labeler with: Wraparound labeler for straight sided round containers Bottle size range: Minimum: 1.5 inch outer diameter x 2.5 inches tall...

VSC/VLC photo
Maharshi Fixoname VSC/VLC Wraparound Labeler
Inventory #: C7868Can Rent

Used Maharshi Fixoname VSC/VLC Wrap around Labeler with; Used for full / partial wrap around labeling Works on round and other shaped containers Speeds of up to 300 containers per minute depending on...

Mercury photo
Harland Mercury Inline Pressure Sensitive Labeler
Inventory #: A8159Can Rent

Used Harland Mercury Inline Pressure Sensitive Labeler with: Front or back labels to any shape of plastic bottle/container Up to 250 containers per minute Feed screw to control container positioning...

62170 photo
HealthStar Wraparound Pressure Sensitive Labeler
Inventory #: A8734Featured Can Rent

Used Health Star 62170 Wrap Around Labeler with: A wrap-around labeling system designed to handle a wide range of cylindrical products Running pressure sensitive labels Quick adjustments with position...

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