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This type of cartoner seals boxes shut with glue. Generally, a box has 4 flaps with two small flaps and two long flaps. The two small flaps are folded down, then glue is applied to the top of one of the long flaps, and the other long flap is folded over it, gluing it down. Some products that use a Glue Vertical Cartoner are cereal and granola bars.

VCM-E30-1000-90HS0 photo
Triangle VCM-E30-1000-90HS0 Vertical Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: G6628Can Rent

Used Triangle VCM-E30-1000-90HS0 Vertical Cartoner with: Continuous motion 13 bucket product filler Currently set to run: 8 inch wide x 3.75 inch tall x 3.5 inch deep cartons 4-head vacuum rotary...

CMV photo
Jones CMV Vertical Hand Load Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: D1662Can Rent

Used Jones CMV Vertical Hand Load Glue Cartoner with: 30 inch long blank carton magazine Vacuum blank carton pick-off Currently set to run: 3.25 inch long x 2 inch wide x 6.75 inch tall cartons ...

Jones Continuous Motion Vertical Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: D1824Featured Can Rent

Used Jones Glue Cartoner with: Vertical, continuous motion glue cartoner Output: 48 pieces per minute maximum Blank carton infeed dimensions: 30 inches long x 5 inches wide Reciprocating vacuum...

CMV-5 photo
Jones CMV-5 Hand Load Vertical Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: C8528Can Rent

Used Jones CMV Hand Load Vertical Glue Cartoner with: Allen-Bradley SLC 100 programmable controls Nordson 3400 hot melt glue unit 30 inch long blank carton infeed Reciprocating vacuum blank carton...

CMV photo
Jones CMV Vertical Glue Hand Load Cartoner
Inventory #: C8497Can Rent

Used Jones CMV Cartoner with: Vertical glue cartoner Hand load Continuous motion Nordson 3500V hot melt glue unit Nordson Eclipse series EPC-15 glue pattern control unit 30 inch long blank...

CMC Vertical Cartoner Small Centers Nordson Glue
Inventory #: C6978Can Rent

Used CMC Glue Vertical Cartoner with: Automatic cartoner Blank carton magazine: 64 inches long x 5.75 inches wide Mechanically driven Nordson Vista hot melt glue unit Carton size: 2.5 inches...

VCL-1500 photo
Triangle VCL Vertical Cartoner Glue Volume Filler
Inventory #: C6937Featured Can Rent

Used Triangle VCL-1500 Glue Vertical Cartoner and Filler with: Continuous motion vertical cartoner with volumetric filler Filler is volumetric with change parts to allow for a wide range of fill volumes...

Clybourne Packaging Cartoner
Inventory #: B7103Can Rent

Used Clybourne Packaging Cartoner: Nordson 2002 Gluer Allen Bradley Panelview 550 Vibratory infeed conveyor 7 inches wide x 12 inches length x 4 inches height Adjustable vibratory speeds Infeed...

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