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This type of case taper automatically adjusts to different case sizes. A random automatic case taper measures and centers the case before it reaches the taping point, allowing the case taper to adjust in time. The case taper tucks and tapes the flaps. This is ideal for operations using several case sizes, because the line does not have to stop to adjust to new case sizes.

T-620 photo
SIMS Manufacturing T-620 Random Tape Case Sealer
Inventory #: G6764Can Rent

Used SIMS Manufacturing T-620 Case Sealer with: Random case sealer designed to accommodate varying sized cases Includes top tape head with an open slot for an additional bottom tape head 2 inch tape...

CS30 photo
Pearson CS30 Automatic Top Bottom Case Sealer
Inventory #: D1303Can Rent

Used Pearson CS30 Random Automatic Top and Bottom Case Sealer with: 2 inch Dekka top and bottom tape heads Maximum case width: 25 inches Lug centers: 54.5 inches Automatic flap closers with trailing...

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