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This type of blister packaging machine forms “plates” of plastic blisters. A flat-plate blister machine uses heat and a die to create the cavities for the blister packaging, and then air blows on the plates to make the blisters stand out. After the plates are made, the blisters are filled and a backing is sealed to the plate. Products such as pills and medications are commonly packaged using flat-plate blister machines, as the blister packaging helps regulate dosage.

2SC11 photo
Alloyd 2SC11 Single Station Sealer
Inventory #: C9920Can Rent

Used Alloyd 2SC11 Single Station Sealer with: Sealing area: 15.5 inches wide x 10 inches long Semi-automatic 2 loading areas, 1 sealing station Painted mild steel construction

16SC12160C photo
Alloyd 16SC12160C Automatic Blister Machine
Inventory #: B6363Can Rent

Used Alloyd 16SC1216OC Fully Automatic Blister Machine with: Sealer capable of speeds from 6 to 20 cycles per minute Has 16 stations with 12" x 16" seal area 8 Load stations Seal Temp Range:...

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