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Checkweighers with a belt wider than six inches are used for large products and boxes. This type of equipment ensures correct weight of a product for quality control. The product is conveyed over a scale, and if it is too heavy or too light the checkweigher removes the product from the line. Some checkweighers sort the rejected objects into piles. Usually, this can be accomplished with a push-off rejector, arms or a sharp blast of air that redirect the unfit product. Belt checkweighers are designed with different length load cell conveyors. Belt checkweighers are often designed so that the package does not have to stop on the load cell conveyor.

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Ishida DACS Dual Lane Checkweigher

Used Ishida Dual Checkweigher: Dual belts Weighing capacity: 150-1500 grams 13 inch long weighing belt 6.5 inches wide belts Push button controls Electrical: Volts: 120 Frequency:...

Ishida DACS 3 Belt Checkweigher 11.5" Wide Belt

Used Ishida Check Weigher with: Weighing capacity: 300-3000 grams Infeed height: 39 inches Conveyor Width: 11.5 inches Scale dimensions: Length: 13 inches Width: 11.5 inches Electrical:...

DACS-GN-S060-24/SS-I-S photo
Ishida DACS-GN-S060-24/SS-I-S 9" W Checkweigher

Used Ishida DACS-GN-S060-24/SS-I-S 9" W Checkweigher with: Belts: Infeed: Width: 9 inches Length: 14 inches Weighing: Width: 9 inches Length: 17 inches ...

CW3 photo
Loma Systems CW3 6000M 3 Belt Checkweigher 15" W

Used Loma Systems CW3 6000M Checkweigher with: Production output rate: Up to 40 packs per minute Pack weight range: 25 to 6000 grams Maximum product dimensions: 15.7 length x 9.25 width x 7.6...

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