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A granulator uses either a wet process or a dry process to bind small particles, such as powders, into larger particles. When used for tableting or coating, granules allow greater compressibility of a powdered material, and reduce or eliminate the dust that comes from working with powder. Granulating a powder before adding it to a mixture allows it to incorporate into a mix more evenly. When powder particles are too fine or dense, they can separate from the other components of a mixture.

N photo
Urschel N Nut Granulator Slitter Scarifier SS
Inventory #: R54114Featured Rental Only

Used Urschel N Granulator Slitter Scarifier with: Versatile machine designed to: Granulate various nuts, cookies, and crackers Slitter for capsules Scarifier for frozen vegetables ...

TR16002 photo
Glatt Air Techniques TR160 02 Granulator
Inventory #: G2614Can Rent

Used Glatt Air Techniques TR160 Granulator with: Hopper Capacity: 20 liters Hopper opening: 17.5 inches Hopper depth: 20 inches Motor 2.5 kW speed:...

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