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Equipment in this category uses glue to seal the opening of a product case. A glue case sealer folds down the short flaps of a box, applying glue, and then folds the long flap of the box over the small flap to seal it shut. This prepares the box to be shipped. This equipment can be semi-automatic or automatic, and random or uniform.

270 photo
Wexxar Bel 270 Hot Melt Glue Automatic Case Sealer
Rental Only

Used Belcor Automatic Case Sealer with: Model: 270 Type: Glue Sealer Case size range Length: 12 - 25 inches inches Width: 11 - 15 inches Height: 12 - 22.75 inches ...

FE2400 photo
Tecma Pack FE2400 Glue Case Sealer
Can Rent

Used Tecma Pack FE2400 Case Sealer with: Glue case sealer Nordson hot melt glue unit Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 CPU Allen-Bradley PanelView 300 HMI Current case size: 12 inches wide x 4.75 inches...

MARQ HPR-FBD-HSS/RH/AB Glue and Tape Case Sealer
Can Rent

Used MARQ HPR-FBD-HSS/RH/AB Glue and Tape Case Sealer with: Automatic flap folding case sealer Top case seal: glue Bottom case seal: tape 2 inch tapehead Case size: 10.25 inches tall x 13.5...

CS AAQ photo
Massman CS AAQ Case Sealer Glue System
Can Rent

Used Massman CS AAQ Case Sealer with: 80 PSI operating pressure Box sealer and product guides Product sensors Adjustable product size Nordson glue tip Glue unit will be supplied at purchase...

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