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This type of equipment mixes materials to form a consistent product. Homogenizers, commonly used in the dairy industry, mix a product by pumping the product through valves and other openings. Homogenizers can be used to break down and evenly distribute fat particles in milk to create a product that is 1%, 2%, or whole milk. Emulsifiers combine materials that are not chemically inclined to bond together. They break up droplets, then mix in an emulsifying agent to keep the product from separating after the mixing is finished.

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WP3218 photo
Waukesha Model WP3218 Tri Blender Stainless Steel
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Used Waukesha Model WP3218 Tri Blender With: Stainless steel construction Blend up to 100lbs per minute 36 inch diameter funnel 3 inch funnel inlet 1.5 inch liquid inlet 2 inch outlet Baldor...

D-8 Versator photo
Cornell D-8 Versator Reeves w Motor and Controls
Can Rent

Used Votator Emulsifier and Homogenizer Mixer with: Clear cover Disc diameter: 8 inches Maximum product pressure: 250 P.S.I. Flow rate: up to 2 gallons per minute...

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