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The difference between mixers and blenders is that mixers generally mix wet materials or dough, while blenders blend dry materials and powders. There are several types of mixers and blenders. This equipment may be designed to combine materials in continuous or batch style.

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IMB-15CF photo
Aaron 15 Cu Ft Single Shaft Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

Used Aaron Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 15 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Single ribbon Driven by 10 horsepower motor Center bottom discharge Diameter: 5 inches ...

LDT photo
Breddo Likwifier LDT 300 Gallon Stainless Steel Liquefier

Used Breddo LDT 300 Gallon Liquefier with: Capacity: 300 gallons Manway diameter: 24 inches Motor: 40 horsepower Tank dimensions: Length: 53 inches Width: 53 inches Height: 34 inches...

5 Cuft photo
Patterson Kelly 5 Cubic Foot Liquid Solids V Blender With Intensifier Bar

Used Patterson Kelley V Blender: Capacity: 5 cubic feet Integrated intensifier bar Manual butterfly discharge valve Diameter: 6.5 inches Height: 28 inches 5 horsepower motor Electrical: ...

MM400 photo
Used Casa Herrera 400 Pound Stainless steel Sigma Arm Mixer

Used Casa Herrera Sigma Arm Mixer: Capacity: up to 400 pounds Trough dimensions: Length: 42 inches Width: 24 inches Depth: 30 inches Tilt function: 180° Safety light curtains...

LOSWW-300 photo
Breddo 300 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquifier Blender

Used Breddo Stainless Steel Jacketed Liquifier Blender with: Capacity: 300 gallons Maximum working pressure: 125 pounds per square inch At 400 degrees Fahrenheit Manway: 30 inch diameter...

LDTW-50 photo
Breddo LDTW 50 Gallon Stainless Jacketed Liquefier

Used Breddo Stainless Steel Jacketed Liquifier Blender with: 15 horsepower motor Capacity: 50 gallons Manway: 17.75 inches Maximum Working Pressure 125 pounds per square inch at...

V1401 photo
Hobart 140 Quart Planetary Mixer

Used Hobart 140 Quart Mixer: Capacity: 140 quarts 15 minute timer 4 speeds Powered bowl lift Wire cage guarding 5 horsepower motor Electrical: Volts: 480 volts Frequency: 60 Hz...

LDTW photo
Breddo 10 Gallon Jacketed SS Liquefier with Motor

Used Breddo 10 Gallon S/S Likwifer with: Model: LDTW Stainless steel Size: 10 gallons Mounted on S/S frame with casters (2) 2 inch diameter inlets (1) 2 inch diameter outlet Liquefier dimensions: ...

LDTW-100 photo
Breddo LDTW 100 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquefier

Used Breddo LDTW 100 Liquefier with: Template insulation and outer jacket sidewall 15 HP, 1800 rpm motor (2) 2 inch tri clamp inlets (1) 2.5 inch tri clamp outlet Maximum Working Pressure: ...

LDTW photo
Breddo LDTW 150 Gal Stainless Jacketed Liquefier

Used Breddo LDTW Liquefier with: Capacity: 150 gallons General purpose high shear agitation Jacketed Temperature plate volume: 280 Maximum jacket pressure: 90 PSI Heating mediums: steam/water...

SRS-2435 photo
Marion 10 Cu Ft Single Shaft Dual Ribbon Blender

Used Marion SRS 10 Cubic Foot Dual Ribbon Blender with: 10 cubic foot capacity 304 SS Single section hinged lid: 24 inches long x 22 inches wide Blender dimensions: 24 inches wide x 35 inches long...

TB241188 photo
Scott 50 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Jacketed Paddle Blender

Used Scott Paddle Blender: Capacity: approximately 50 cubic feet Jacket rating: 15 PSI at 220°F Agitation: Paddles (inches): 8 long x 4 wide Driven by 5 horsepower motor ...

49-8340 photo
Marion 20 Cu Ft Carbon Steel Interrupted Ribbon Mixer

Used Marion Ribbon Blender: Interrupted ribbon Approximately 20 cubic feet Trough dimensions: Length: 48 inches Width: 24 inches Depth: 30 inches Infeed height: 66 inches Discharge...

SRB-14 photo
Schaffer SRB-14 Horizontal Roller Bar Stainless Steel Dough Mixer

Used Shaffer SRB-14 Roller Bar Mixer with: Capacity: Up to 300 pounds Trough dimensions: Length: 30 inches Width: 35 inches Depth: 32 inches Agitator Type: Triple Roller Bar:...

5'L x 10"W Conveyor and Drive Equip Co Stainless Steel Paddle Mixer and Pre-Breaker

Used Conveyor and Drive Paddle Mixer and Pre-Breaker: Trough dimensions: Length: 59 inches Width: 10 inches Depth: 10.5 inches Pre-Breaker Discharge dimensions: Length: 12...

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