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This flat style of accumulators can be bi-directional, reflow, mass flow, or recirculation with two or more belts moving in opposite directions. Accumulation conveyors are used to temporarily stop, hold, and release products or other materials. Accumulation tables are an efficient method to balance production line rates, allowing production to continue while downstream product is halted. They also facilitate product removal for packing and prevent product damage that can occur when a production line is stopped.

Great Western 58" W x 158" L Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: D6323

Used Great Western Accumulation Conveyor with: Belt dimensions: 58 inches wide x 158 inches long 1 horse power motor Adjustable guide rails Previous application: coffee cans

43" W x 103" L Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: D6382

Used Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: Width: 43 inches Length: 103 inches Height: 38.5 inches Product clearance: 10.5 inches 1.5 horsepower motor

48" x 139" Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: D6108

Used Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor with: Conveyor: Width: 48 inches Length: 139 inches Height: 40 inches .5 horsepower motor Stainless steel construction

Sentry 211" L x 97" W Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: D6522

Used Sentry Accumulation Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 97 inches wide x 211 inches long Photo eye equipped 140 square feet of surface area Stainless steel construction Guard rails

EZ - Logic photo
Hytrol EZ Logic Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: D5480

Used Hytrol EZ Logic Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor with: Dimensions: total 350 feet long x 18 inches wide 35 sections each section 10 feet long 5 sections have motor drive units Adjustable height:...

Multi-Conveyor 13' L Mass Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: D5222Rental Option

Used Multi-Conveyor Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor with: Bi-directional mass flow accumulation conveyor Singe lane infeed Currently set to discharge parallel transfer of 2 groups of 3 lanes, each lane...

164" L X 28" W Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: D4278

Used 164" L X 28" W Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: Width: 28.75 inches Length: 164.5 inches Height: 33 inches

S.O. 8140 Seagram photo
Nercon 8140 Seagram Accumulation Table
Inventory #: D4945

Used Nercon Accumulation Conveyor with: Bi-directional accumulator Conveyor dimensions: 20 feet long x 6 feet wide Infeed height: 41 inches Plastic interlink belt Driven by 1 horsepower 450v,...

Garvey Flow-Through Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: D1924Rental Option

Used Garvey Flow-Through Accumulation Conveyor with: Accumulation area: 24 inches wide x 78 inches long Variable frequency drives Conveyor height: 35 inches Infeed and outfeed width: 6 inches...

Nercon Reflow Accumulation Table
Inventory #: C1354

Used Nercon Reflow Accumulation Table with: (2) 2 foot width x 7 foot length lanes (4) opening doors Extra entry conveyor included: 4.5 inch width (90 degree curve) x approximately 74 inch length x...

Alliance BiDirectional Accumulation Table
Inventory #: B7244

Used Alliance BiDirectional Accumulation Table: Stainless steel construction Plastic raised rib belting Adjustable height Stainless steel threaded leveler legs Center drive Eurodrive...

Powered Accumulation Conveyor
Inventory #: B2147

Used Powered Accumulation Conveyor with: Stainless steel Dimensions: 39 inches wide x 96 inches long x 47 inches high

N/A photo
Table Top SS 12' Long Accumulation Table
Inventory #: A9097

Used Accumulation Table with: Includes VFD motor drive Stainless steel Multiple chains to allow for speed up and slow down of product to avoid knock-overs and jams 12' long x 37-1/2" wide...

Intralox Mat Accumulation Table
Inventory #: A9338

Used Intralox Mat Accumulation Table with: Table surface area: 300 inches long x 72 inches wide Stainless steel construction Plastic chain conveyor

Stainless Steel Accumulation Table
Inventory #: A7484

Used Stainless Steel Accumulation Table with: Belt conveyor 24" wide x 35 1/2" long Motor Driven Adjustable height and rails Stainless steel catch tray 24" wide x 48" long...

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