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Used 6+ Inches Checkweigher Belt Width Equipment

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Checkweighers with a belt wider than six inches are used for large products and boxes. This type of equipment ensures correct weight of a product for quality control. The product is conveyed over a scale, and if it is too heavy or too light the checkweigher removes the product from the line. Some checkweighers sort the rejected objects into piles. Usually, this can be accomplished with a push-off rejector, arms or a sharp blast of air that redirect the unfit product. Belt checkweighers are designed with different length load cell conveyors. Belt checkweighers are often designed so that the package does not have to stop on the load cell conveyor.

Marel 8 Station Dual Lane Grading Line
Inventory #: D6231

Used Marel Grading Line with: Dual lane incline serpentine conveyor: (2) belts: 100 inches long x 8 inches wide Discharge height: 72 inches Grading conveyor: 21 feet long x 24 inches...

CG62XL photo
Marel CG62XL Compact Grader
Inventory #: D6193

Used Marel CG62XL Compact Grader with: Six Stations All stainless steel construction Process up to 80 pieces per minute Weight range up to 3,000 grams Application Weighs and measures size...

Compact grader CG60 photo
Marel CG60 Compact Grading Batching Checkweigher
Inventory #: D5356

Used Marel CG60 Compact Grading Batching Checkweigher with: Application: weighs and measures size then batches products such as meat, fish and poultry Production speeds: up to 120 pieces per minute, based...

Autocheck 4000 photo
Thermo Ramsey Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher
Inventory #: D3962

Used Ramsey Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher with: Single belt system Product width: 15 inches Weightable infeed speed: 200 feet per minute maximum Product statistics display Printable reports (printer...

Autocheck 4000 photo
Thermo Autocheck 4000 Large Case Belt Checkweigher
Inventory #: D4445R

Used Thermo Scientific Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher with: Conveyor dimensions: 25.5 inches long x 15 inches wide Designed for large product or cases Single belt and load cell system Tedea Huntleigh...

Autocheck 4000 photo
Thermo Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher Large Case Unit
Inventory #: D4446R

Used Thermo Scientific Autocheck 4000 Checkweigher with: Conveyor dimensions: 25.5 inches long x 15 inches wide Designed for large product or cases Single belt and load cell system Tedea Huntleigh...

DWU-2X225 photo
Marel DWU 2X225 Dual Lane Checkweigher
Inventory #: D4576

Used Marel DWU 2X225 Checkweigher with: Marel M2000 controls 2 lanes Minimum weight: .044 pounds Belt dimensions: 9 inches wide x 72 inches long

CS3600GI-XEP photo
Mettler Toledo CS3600GI-XEP Checkweigher
Inventory #: D4472

Used Mettler Toledo CS3600GI-XEP Checkweigher with: 24 inch wide Belt 250 pound capacity 135 feet per minute Mettler Toledo XE controller

Ishida DACSWN180SBWPN High Speed Case Checkweigher
Inventory #: D4447

Used Ishida DACSWN180SBWPN with: Machine is capable of weighments up to 18 KG Speeds up to 270 weighments per minute Is rated for accuracies of plus or minus 0.7g 16 inch wide by 24 inch long conveyor...

CS8042CS photo
Mettler Toledo CS8042CS Automatic Checkweigher
Inventory #: D4444

Used Mettler Toledo CS8042CS with: Can be used for heavy duty case or bulk bags Capable of speeds up for 50 packages per minute 18.5 in wide x 30.5 in long belt conveyor Inline Includes pedestal...

H70-4100 SP photo
Fairbanks H70-4100 SP Belt Check Weigher
Inventory #: D4432

Used Fairbanks H70-4100 SP with: approx.4 feet long x 30 inch belt conveyor 500 pound capacity Digital scale reading

Icore Mark III photo
Ramsey Icore Mark III Checkweigher
Inventory #: D3976

Used Ramsey Icore Mark III Checkweigher with: Seven (7) of these are available SS frame construction Adjustable container size Programmable keyboard entry system Digital display Operator interface...

AP-600 photo
AP Dataweigh AP-600 Checkweigher
Inventory #: D2807

Used AP Dataweigh AP-600 Checkweigher with: Conveyor dimensions: 8 inches wide x 17.25 inches long Conveyor height: 35.5 inches Push-button HMI Digital display Photo eye product detection

MicroMate photo
Mettler Toledo MicroMate Checkweigher
Inventory #: D3272

Used Mettler Toledo MicroMate Checkweigher with: Capacity: 50 pounds Load area conveyor dimensions: 34 inches long x 12 inches wide Conveyor height: 34 inches Pneumatic reject system Exit chute...

PW-12 photo
All-Fill PW-12 Checkweigher
Inventory #: D2244

Used All-Fill PW-12 Checkweigher with: Maximum weight: 8 pounds Weighing belt dimensions: 19 inches long x 10 inches wide Discharge height: 28.5 inches Adjustable height Touch panel controls ...

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