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Checkweighers with a belt width ranging from three inches to six inches are commonly used for small products and product boxes. This type of equipment ensures correct weight of a product for quality control. The product is conveyed over a scale, and if it is too heavy or too light the checkweigher removes the product from the line. Some checkweighers sort the rejected objects into piles. Usually, this can be accomplished with a push-off rejector, arms or a sharp blast of air that redirect the unfit product. Belt checkweighers are designed with different length load cell conveyors. Belt checkweighers are often designed so that the package does not have to stop on the load cell conveyor.

DACS-W-003-SB/PB-I photo
Ishida DACS-W-003-SB/PB-I 6 Inch Belt Checkweigher
Inventory #: D7662Rental Option

Used Ishida DACS-W-003-SB/PB-I Checkweigher with: Weighing capacity: 300 grams 3 belt weighing system Conveyor width: 5.75 inches Weighing conveyor length: 13.5 inches Touch pad operator...

LCW 3000 photo
Loma LCW 3000 Stainless Steel Checkweigher
Inventory #: D8083

Used Loma Checkweigher with: Conveyor: Belt speed: variable up to 325 feet per minute Line height: 26 - 50 inches (2 inch increments) Dimensions: 56 inches long x 6 inches wide Product...

HC photo
OCS HC Stainless Steel Dual Lane Check Weigher
Inventory #: D6782

Used OCS HC Check Weigher with: Maximum weighing capacity: 100 grams Temperature limits: 41 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit Weighing belt length: 9.5 inches Weighing belt width: 5 inches Dual lanes ...

SL2 PM photo
Garvens Hi-Speed SL2 PM Checkweigher
Inventory #: D3239

Used Garvens Hi-Speed SL2 PM Checkweigher with: Maximum weight capacity 150 grams (5.291 ounces) Photo eye for product detection Six (6) inch belt width Total belt length 30 inches Push arm ...

AutoCheck 9000 Plus photo
Thermo Ramsey Icore AutoCheck 9000 Checkweigher
Inventory #: D1928Rental Option

Used Thermo Ramsey Icore AutoCheck 9000 Checkweigher with: Bottle checkweigher Enclosed weighing area allows for more accurate product weighing Timing screw infeed Left to right product flow Conveyor...

CK02L-A0 photo
Yamato CK02L-A0 Checkweigher
Inventory #: C9387

Used Yamato CK02L-A0 Checkweigher with: Measuring range: 10 grams - 200 grams Speed: up to 80 inches per minute Variable speed controls touch-pad type controls Adjustable height

4700 photo
Scanvaegt 4700 Grading and Batching Machine
Inventory #: C3683

Used Scanvaegt 4700 Grading and Batching Machine Application: sorts food products for size and weight 12 gate sorting sections Capacity: up to 240 pieces per minute

HC photo
OCS HC Digital Check Weigher
Inventory #: C2094

Used OCS HC Digital Check Weigher with: Wipotec EC2000 Weigh Cell Maximum weight 750 g

GS photo
Bizerba GS 2 Head Combination Checkweigher Labeler
Inventory #: B7300

Used Bizerba GS 2 Head Combination Checkweigher Labeler with: 50+ pieces per minute Infeed belt: 17" long x 11 5/8" wide Metering belt: (2) 17" long x 5 3/8" wide Weighing belt:...

6000 Series photo
Loma 6000 Three Belt Checkweigher 5.5" Wide Belt
Inventory #: B3157

Used Loma 6000 Series Check Weigher with: 5.5 inch wide smooth belt Reject belt Digital control Guarding Three belt system 16 inches long x 5.5 inches wide 6 inches long...

E3-DMS photo
Garvens E3 Belt Checkweigher Bottle Side Transfers
Inventory #: A8733Rental Option

Used Garvens E3 Checkweigher with: Highly accurate Weigh area is 13 1/2 inches long x 5 inches wide High speed Stainless steel design Operator panel Infeed side transfer belts for stable transfer...

Autocheck 8000 photo
Ramsey Icore Autocheck 8000 Checkweigher
Inventory #: A6948

Used Ramsey Icore Autocheck 8000 Checkweigher with: Infeed and outfeed belts are 10" W Weigher belt is 5" W Used drop gate reject system Three zone system Highly accurate model 8000...

SL3PM photo
Garven Model SL3PM Hi Speed Checkweigher
Inventory #: A5654

Used Garven Model SL3PM Hi Speed Checkweigher with: 1000 gram scale capacity 8 inch long scale pand 16 inch long x 4.75 inch wide belt infeed conveyor Pneumatically operated underweight rejection...

4000 photo
Ramsey 4000 Belt Checkweigher
Inventory #: A5621

Used Ramsey 4000 Belt Checkweigher with: Displays gross, net, or deviation from reference weight of product in grams, kilograms, ounces or pounds Bright, easy-to-read vacuum fluorescent display also displays...

CES Flat Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: A2220

Used CES Flat Belt Conveyor with: 8' L x 3.8" W Adjustable rail system Modified to belt surface Variable speed motor 75/1 ratio 45 degree under left side leg stand 28" to...

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