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Used Depalletizer Equipment

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Equipment in this category is designed to quickly remove cases, bags, bottles, cans and other containers from a pallet. Depalletizing is the process of releasing stacked layers of product from the pallet and placing them directly on the production line. Some depalletizers have the ability to unload multiple pallets at once, or can simultaneously both load and unload pallets at the same time.

Simplimatic photo
Crown Simplimatic Empty Can Depalletizer
Inventory #: C5093

Used Crown Simplimatic Empty Can Depalletizer with: High level Automatic Double stack Currently set for 44 inch x 56 inch pallets 28 foot long power infeed conveyor Automatic front doors on...

400 2D photo
Simplimatic 400 2D High Level Bulk Depalletizer
Inventory #: C3682

Used Simplimatic 400 2D High Level Bulk Depalletizer with: High level product outfeed bulk depalletizer Previously used for cans 3 sections of pallet infeed conveyor: 41 inches wide Pallet elevator...

Turbo T5000 photo
Busse Turbo T5000 Depalletizer
Inventory #: B1426

Used Busse Turbo T5000 Depalletizer with: 20 foot layer accumulation outfeed conveyor Automatic dunnage removal system with bin Includes mezzanine Equipped with 90 degree mass conveyor with high...

Glasex photo
Priority One Glasex Bulk Depalletizer
Inventory #: A5685

Used Priority One Glasex Bulk Depalletizer with: Rated for both PET & glass For 40" x 48" pallets Low-level container discharge Automatic with pallet stacker, tier sheet removal, &...

R4403 photo
Goldco R4403 Depalletizer
Inventory #: A2571

Used Goldco R4403 Depalletizer with: Control panel sits next to outfeed conveyor at the top of the pallet elevator and uses a SYMBOL user interface with a Qwerty keyboard, product scanner, and power supply...

R146071-MR-R photo
Goldco R146071-MR-R Depalletizer
Inventory #: A1152

Used Goldco R146071-MR-R Depalletizer with:

300D / 30P photo
Seco Depalletizer Double High 48 x 40 Pallets
Inventory #: E4523

Used Seco Systems Depalletizer for cans with: Double high loads Running 48" x 40" pallets Includes three full pallet conveyor zones Includes pallet up-stacker Automatic dunnage removal...

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