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Equipment in this category is designed to quickly remove cases, bags, bottles, cans and other containers from a pallet. Depalletizing is the process of releasing stacked layers of product from the pallet and placing them directly on the production line. Some depalletizers have the ability to unload multiple pallets at once, or can simultaneously both load and unload pallets at the same time.

WD-300 photo
Busse Brothers WD-300 High Level Depalletizer
Inventory #: G5240

Used Busse Brothers WD-300 Depalletizer with: High level depalletizer Last ran (inches): 42 long x 56 wide x 48 tall pallets Product last running: metal cans Maximum height: 56 inches Mezzanine...

Priority One Low Level Bulk Depalletizer
Inventory #: G6031

Used Priority One Depalletizer with: Low-level infeed and discharge Load specs: Pallet size: 44" x 56" bulk pallets Maximum load height: up to 110 inches Product: glass or PET containers...

Priority One Low Level Bulk Container Depalletizer
Inventory #: G6026

Used Priority One Depallitizer with: Low level / floor level design Set for pallet size: 44" x 56" Long discharge table with plastic belting Infeed empty pallet staging conveyor Includes:...

T-5000 photo
Busse T-5000 Reverse Flow Depalletizer Inliner Mez
Inventory #: G1698

Used Busse T-5000 Depalletizer with: Reverse "C" flow configuration Low level infeed High level outfeed Right hand Mezzanine platform with stairs Outfeed container inliner capable...

Jorgensen Custom Built Depalletizer for Cans
Inventory #: D9175

Used Jorgensen Custom Built Depalletizer for Cans with: Previously used for cans 300 cans per minute 99, 127, and 153 cans Suction off cardboard Features a sensor system that stops the machine...

450	 photo
CHSC 450 High Level Depalletizer
Inventory #: D4353

Used CHSC 450 High Level Depalletizer with: Transfer method: sweep Load height: 110 inches Full pallet infeed system Empty pallet stacker Hoist bin assembly: Re-squaring inside walls...

450 photo
CSHC Bulk Depalletizer Fully Automatic Double High
Inventory #: C8076

Used CSHC Low Level Infeed Depalletizer with: Low infeed, high outfeed Pallet size: standard container pallet, 44 inches x 56 inches long x 110 inches tall (wood or plastic), chipboards (wood or plastic),...

FOP photo
Busse Brothers Depalletizer FOP Single High Load
Inventory #: C6885

Used Busse Brothers Depalletizer FOP Single High Load with: Last ran pallets of canned vegetables Pallet is fed in on the bottom, conveyed to the pallet lift, rows of product are swept off the pallet one...

400 2D photo
Simplimatic 400 2D High Level Bulk Depalletizer
Inventory #: C3682

Used Simplimatic 400 2D High Level Bulk Depalletizer with: High level product outfeed bulk depalletizer Previously used for cans 3 sections of pallet infeed conveyor: 41 inches wide Pallet elevator...

Glasex photo
Priority One Glasex Bulk Depalletizer
Inventory #: A5685

Used Priority One Glasex Bulk Depalletizer with: Rated for both PET & glass For 40" x 48" pallets Low-level container discharge Automatic with pallet stacker, tier sheet removal, &...

R4403 photo
Goldco R4403 Depalletizer
Inventory #: A2571Featured

Used Goldco R4403 Depalletizer with: Control panel sits next to outfeed conveyor at the top of the pallet elevator and uses a SYMBOL user interface with a Qwerty keyboard, product scanner, and power supply...

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