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This type of equipment takes a large quantity of dough and divides it into pieces of equal weight and/or volume. Dividers are fed large quantities of dough into a gravity hopper where the dough is metered into the divider chamber or extruder, depending on the specific design. Dough dividers come in a variety of number of pockets, producing from 1 to 20 individual dough pieces.

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Oshikiri DKM 6 Pocket Dough Divider
Inventory #: G9791Can Rent

Used Oshikiri DKM Dough Divider with: Output: 3,600 to 9,000 pieces per hour Scaling weight range: 8 ounces to 37 ounces Strokes per hour: 10 - 25 stepless variable 6 pockets Stainless steel...

Stainless Steel 28 Inch Wide Dough Chunker Divider
Inventory #: C7109Can Rent

Used Stainless Steel 28 Inch Wide Dough Chunker Divider with: Infeed height: 53.5 inches Hopper dimensions: 21 inches wide x 23.5 inches long x 22.5 inches deep Outfeed conveyor dimensions: 28 inches...

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