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Drying equipment uses various methods to remove moisture from and preserve a product. Common in the pharmaceutical and food industries, dryers employ methods such as freezing, vacuum, heat, and more. Most types of dryers are indirectly heated, and many operate under a vacuum to facilitate evaporation.

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FDG600 photo
Nyle Systems FDG600 Dehydrator

Used Nyle Systems FDG600 Dehydrator with: Temperature range: 80 - 220°F Water removal: 200 pounds per hour Capacity: (21) Racks Load Space: Length: 182 inches Width: 67 inches Height:...

SD300 photo
Heinzen HMI SD300 ES Stainless Steel Spin Dryer

Used Heinzen Spin Dryer with: Capacity: up to 3710 pounds per hour Speed: up to 15 cyclers per hour Basket specifications: Volume: 14.75 cubic feet Diameter: 30 inches Depth: 36 inches...

R-5A photo
Harvest Saver R-5A Tray Deyhydrator

Used Harvest Saver Dryer With: Drying capacity: 88 square feet Tray size: Length: 24 inches Width: 38 inches Ambient temperature range: Up to 200 Degrees Fahrenheit Casters 0.75...

Stainless Steel Cooling/Drying Tunnel

Used Cooling/Drying Tunnel With: Tunnel dimensions: Length: 8 feet Width: 25 inches Height: 12 inches Hinged plastic belt: Width: 23.75 inches Infeed/discharge height: 30 inches ...

SMH-45 photo
Usifroid SMH-45 Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer

Used Usifroid SMH-45 Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer with: Number of shelves: 4 Shelf dimensions: 12 inches x 12 inches Lab size freeze dryer for small runs or R&D

Una Dyn DHD-25 900 CFM Desiccant Dryer with Hopper

Used Una Dyn Desiccant Dryer with: Rate: 850-900 cubic feet per minute Capacity: 3000 pounds 160-400°F high heat option 7.5 horsepower blower Elecrical: 460 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

Una Dyn DHD-15 510 CFM Desiccant Dryer

Used Una Dyn Dryer with: Rate: 510 cubic feet per minute 5 horsepower blower Includes after heater Electrical: 460 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

Novatec MPC-1000 Desiccant Dryer with Hopper

Used Novatec Dryer with: Capacity: 2500 pounds Rate: 750 cubic feet per minute 0.5 horsepower blower Electrical: 460 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

Una Dyn DHD-25GF Dryer with Hopper

Used Una Dyn Dryer with: Rate: 850 cubic feet per minute Gas fired 750 CFM gas pack for regeneration 2000 CFM gas pack for dryer 72 cubic foot insulated hopper

ADL311S-A photo
Yamato Scientific ADL311S-A Spray Dryer

Used Yamato Spray Dryer with: Evaporated water maximum: 1300 mililiters per hour Temperature control range: 40° - 220°C (104° - 428°F) Glass drying chamber: 0 - 0.7 square meters per minute...

MPC-1750 photo
Novatec MPC-1750 Twin Tower Desiccant Dryer and Hopper

Used Novatec Dryer with: Twin tower desciccant dryer Rated: 1750 CFM Free standing heater box Hopper capacity: 15,000 pounds Controls Electrical: 460 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

Stansteel 8' x 32' Portable Rotary Dryer

Used Stansteel Dryer with: Dimensions: Diamater: 8 feet Length: 32 feet 3 axel chassis 100 horsepower drive (3) sets of trunnions and rollers on shell Genco burner Road towable...

B-290 photo
Buchi B290 Lab Mini Spray Dryer with Dehumidifier

Used Buchi Spray Dryer with: Capacity: 1 liter/0.26 gallons per hour Maximum temperature input: 220°C 428°F Includes: Spray nozzle Peristaltic pump Flow meter Outlet...

Glatt WSG15 Sanitary Stainless Steel Fluid Bed Dryer

Used Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer with: Batch capacity: 33 Pounds 15 Kilograms Includes: 3 Product carts Wurster column Pump and air duct work Control panel Steam heated 30000 heating kcal/kW...

Triowin TWP-5 300 Gallon Stainless Steel Centrifugal Spray Dryer

Used Triowin spray dryer with: Capacity: 5 KG/H Capacity: 300 Gallon Tank dimensions: Diameter: 48 inches Straight wall: 31 inches Slant wall: 45 inches Discharge: 7 inches Discharge...

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