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Encrusting machines created filled foodstuffs such as donuts, cookies, breads, and prepared meat products. The outer layer is formed into a product and then the filling is inserted. The encruster automatically creates the pocket and filling sizes to the desired specifications. It then closes and deposits the product.

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C120 photo
Ultravac Frey Konti C120 Vacuum Stuffer Stainless Steel

Used Frey Konti Vacuum Stuffer With: Hopper Capacity: 120 Liters Agitated hopper Portion size: Minimum: 5 grams Maximum: 1000 grams Push button controls Electrical: Volts: 220 Frequency:...

3-100 photo
MBC Food Machinery Corp 3-100 Ravioli Extruder

Used MBC Food Machinery Corporation 3-100 Ravioli Extruder with: 6 rows of product Guillotine attachment Twin Screw feed system Emergency E stop Adjustable conveyor speed Motor: 8 horsepower Conveyor...

OC 001 photo
Rheon High Speed 2-Lane Encruster OC 001

Used Rheon OC 001 High Speed 2-Lane Encruster with: Conveyor width: 13 inches Discharge conveyor widths: 2.75 inches Mitsubishi Freqrol-K motor controllers Stainless steel, food grade construction ...

KN 300 photo
Rheon KN300 Cornucopia Encrusting Machine

Used Rheon KN300 Cornucopia Encrusting Machine with: Produces solid-piece and double-filling encrusted food products Creates spheres, bars, and cylinders Multi-functional robot handles poultry, meat,...

BK-280 photo
Beikn BK-280 High Capacity Encrusting Machine

Used Beikn Encruster with: Capacity: Maximum: 100 pieces per minute Minimum: 10 pieces per minute Product weight: Maximum: 180 grams per piece Minimum: 8 grams per piece Twist structure...

Maqturbo 5.5 MAX photo
Consultomaq Maqturbo 5.5 MAX Encruster

Used Consutomaq Encruster with: Production capacity: Maximum: 275 snacks at 200 grams Minimum: 5.5 snacks at 10 grams Dough consumption: 84.87 pounds per hour Independent dough and filling control...

RS 403-165 photo
Risco RS 403-165 Vacuum Stuffer

Used Risco RS 403-165 Vacuum Stuffer with: Output rate: 5,200 Kilograms per hour Portioning speed: 700 pieces per minute Filling pressure: 60 Bar maximum Hopper capacity: 350 liters Electrical:...

Robot 500 photo
Vemag Stainless Double Screw Vacuum Stuffer

Used Vemag Stainless Stuffer with: Model: Robot 500 Maximum Filling Rate: Up to 450 portions per minute, depending on product casing and portion size Up to 2,500 kg an hour, depending on materials and...

503 photo
Vemag Robot500 Stainless Steel Extruder

Used Vemag Extruder with: Hopper dimensions: Diameter: 26.5 inches Depth: 23 inches Approximate dimensions: Height: 66.37 inches Width: 30.86 inches Stainless steel construction Comes...

KN170 photo
Rheon KN170 Cornucopia Encruster

Used Rheon KN170 Encruster: Adjustable product weight: Minimum: 10 grams Maximum: 90 grams Adjustable encrusting ratio: Minimum: 1:0 Maximum: 0:1 Unlmited product length Hopper capacity:...

VF50 photo
Handtmann VF50 Rotary Vane Vacuum Filling Portion Stuffer

Used Handtmann VF50 Rotary Vane Vacuum Filling Portion Stuffer with: Rotary vane vacuum Output: Up to 5,730 pounds per hour Up to 420 portions per minute Portioning speeds/specs: 0.88 ounces:...

KN135 photo
Rheon KN135 Cornucopia Encrusting Robot Extruder

Used Rheon KN135 Encruster With: Output: Up to 100 pieces per minute Hopper Capacity: 15 Liters Product Weight: Up to 250 grams Product Length: Up to 19 inches Programable...

LPG202 photo
Reiser LPG202 SS Length Portioning Machine

Used Vemag Length Portioner with: Applications: links sausages with identical lengths & weights Output: up to 1,500 portions per minute, depending on length & casing Casings: Natural Collagen...

Robot 500 photo
Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Stuffer Extruder

Used Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Extruder with: Capacity/output: Filling rate: up to 5,500 pounds per hour Portion speed: up to 450 portions per minute, depending on product Portion weight range: 0.17 ounces...

503 photo
Vemag Robot 500 Dough Filler Depositor

Used Vemag Filler with: Output: up to 5000 pounds per hour Portion weight: 5-30000 grams Speed: up to 450 portions per minute depending on product and portion size Feed type: dual feed screw Hopper...

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