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Equipment in this category is used to remove water or other liquids from mixtures. Evaporation can be used to concentrate foods and chemicals. In the concentration process, evaporation vaporizes moisture from a solution that contains the desired product. Foods or beverages needing to last for a considerable amount of time or requiring a certain consistency, like coffee, go through an evaporation step during processing.

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MTA 100 photo
Entropie MTA 100 Juice Evaporator Concentrator

Used Entropie Juice Evaporator with: Control panel Circulation pump Maximum output: 26 gallons per hour Steam chest with .75 inch diameter tubes All stainless steel construction

Eco Vap RE-7500 photo
Hydrion Scientific RE-7500 Rotary Evaporator

Used Hydrion Scientific RE-7500 Rotary Evaporator with: Evaporating rate: >18 litres an hour Evaporating flask volume 50L Receiving flask volume 20L Arm lifting: manual Condenser type: Vertical...

HCD-1125-EA photo
Cargocaire HCD-1125-EA Desiccant Dehumidifier

Used Cargocaire HCD-1125-EA Desiccant Dehumidifier with: Electric reactivation heater Maximum reactivation air volume: 400 scfm Reactivation filter: permanent and washable Electric controller: NEMA...

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