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Equipment in this category is used to remove water or other liquids from mixtures. Evaporation can be used to concentrate foods and chemicals. In the concentration process, evaporation vaporizes moisture from a solution that contains the desired product. Foods or beverages needing to last for a considerable amount of time or requiring a certain consistency, like coffee, go through an evaporation step during processing.

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R-1050 photo
50 Liter Vertical Condenser Rotary Evaporator with Chiller

Used 50 Liter Vertical Condenser Rotary Evaporator with: Rotary evaporator: capacity: 50 liters rotation speeds: 0-122 rpm negitive pressure capabilities Electrical requirements: 220 volts, 50-60...

Rotovac 20 photo
Heidolph 20L Rotary Evaporator

Used Heidolph 20L Rotary Evaporator with: Heating bath: Volume: Water: 24 Liters Oil: 22 Liters Temperature range:-4°F to 356°F Touch screen control pannel Water refill system...

APV Single Effect Rising Falling Film Evaporator

Used APV Finisher Evaporator with: Model: P-E Rating: up to 2,050 pounds per hour, depending on materials and application Style: falling film Evaporator frame Plates: 16 each (65 plates total) Plate...

R-1020 photo
USA Lab Equipment Rotary Evaporator R-1020

Used USA Lab Equipment Rotary Evaporator R-1020 with: Glass Material: GG-17 Borosilicate Glass Evaporation Flask Capacity: 20L Collection Flask Capacity: 10L Rotary Speed: 20-120RPM Bath Temperature...

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