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Equipment in this category includes any equipment commonly used in a warehousing operation. Some examples include pallet racking, ladders and mezzanines, lift tables, sweepers and scrubbers, personnel carriers, manual hand pallet jacks, batteries, hoists and cranes, barriers/guard rails and more.

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2-3K photo
AMFEC 2 3 K Stainless Column Loader Bowl Lift
Inventory #: G2407

Used AMFEC 2 3 K Stainless Column Loader Bowl Lift with: Discharge height: up to 84 inch 3 horsepower brake motor 1,000 pound lifting capacity Tapered loading track to assist cart positioning ...

201 Series photo
Morse 201 Series Portable Drum Roller
Inventory #: G6115

Used Morse Drum Roller with: Drum capacity: Diameter: 6 - 28 inches Height: up to 38 inches Adjustable to mixing 30 - 55 gallon drums Weight capacity: Liquid load: up to 500...

ELDR50048RCRCBSP photo
Easy Lift Equipment ELDR500 500 Pound Film Lift
Inventory #: G4049

Used Easy Lift Equipment ELDR500 Lift with: Lifting cart specifically designed to lift large, heavy rolls of film Lifting capacity: 500 pounds Maximum lift height: approximately 70 inches Film...

Creative Design Stainless Steel Toe Dumper
Inventory #: G6033

Used Creative Design Tot Dumper with: Load specs: Capacity: up to 1,100 pounds Maximum load height: 186 inches Lift forks: Length: 52 inches long Flat top: 4 inches wide Clamping...

TD-60 photo
Blentech Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tote Dumper
Inventory #: G6032

Used Blentech Tote Dumper with: Load specs: Load opening (inches): 46 wide x 36 high Maximum dump height: 67/68.5 inches Loading chute is welded in place Base elevated by 6 inches high...

M178 photo
Presto M100 M178 Manual Lift Stacker 24 x 24 Inch
Inventory #: G6004

Used Presto M100 M178 Manual Lift Stacker 24 x 24 Inch with: Designed to easily handle all types of lifting tasks from transporting dies and molds to stacking small skids. These manual foot pump stackers...

LE photo
MTC LE Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tote Dumper
Inventory #: G6000

Used MTC Tote Dumper with: Low lift dumper Load capacity: Up to 4,000 pounds Fits approximately 54" x 50" totes @ 80" pivot Steel-it coated hydraulic cylinders Nylon...

E50XM2-27 photo
Hyster E50XM2-27 Forklift 5000 Pound Capacity
Inventory #: G5703

Used Hyster E50XM2-27 Forklift with: Designed for interior and exterior work 5,000 pound load capacity Electric 4-wheel Riding forklift Battery: 36V, 18-85-23

T5 photo
Spiroflow T5 Stainless Steel Bulk Bag Unloader
Inventory #: G5858

Used Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloader with: Fully automatic: Unloading Proportioning Transfer Meters ingredients by weight or volume Accommodates bulk or smaller bags of 50 pounds Removable...

Hapman Bulk Bag SuperSak Unloader with Hoist
Inventory #: G5806

Used Hapman Unloader with: Maximum bag load capacity: 4,000 pounds Includes: Bag support hopper Vibration discharge system Stainless steel receiving hopper Stainless steel flexible auger...

CB-22-104 photo
Big Joe CB-22-104 Electric 2200 Pound Forklift
Inventory #: G5748Featured

Used Big Joe CB-22-104 Electric 2200 Pound Forklift with: Capacity: 2200 pounds at 24 inches load center Battery: compartment: 26.37 inches x 9.01 inches x open, Anderson 175 Gray—A-11 Minimum...

BagFlo 500-FL / FlexFlo S50 photo
FormPak Bulk Bag Unloader and Flex Screw Conveyor
Inventory #: G5300

Used FormPak Bag Unloader with: BagFlo 500FL Bulk Bag Unloader Bag loading system: 48" x 48" bag receiver Gyrator mounting plate Adjustable bag/adaptor supports for multiple...

2FBE15 / FR24L900MCSAS photo
Toyota 2FBE15 Electric Forklift Truck And Charger
Inventory #: G5493

Used Toyota 2FBE15 Electric Forklift Truck And Charger with: Toyota 2FBE15 Electric Forklift Truck Electrical requirements: 48 volts, battery: Type E, maximum ampere hour capacity: 668 AH ...

SC photo
Cherry Industrial 4400 Lbs Single Pallet Inverter
Inventory #: G5385Can Rent

Cherry Industrial 4400 Pound Pallet Inverter with: Maximum load capacity: 4,400 lbs Hydraulic powered 180° pallet inverter Single clamp Clamp range from 42" to 69" Minimum Jaw...

25-6000 photo
IMCS 25-6000 Pneumatic Floor Level Tilt Table
Inventory #: G5365

Used IMCS 25-6000 Pneumatic Floor Level Tilt Table with: 2000 pound capacity Controlled by hand Operates hydraulically Low profile 44 inch x 44 inch table 52 degree tilt angle

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