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Equipment in this category includes any equipment commonly used in a warehousing operation. Some examples include pallet racking, ladders and mezzanines, lift tables, sweepers and scrubbers, personnel carriers, manual hand pallet jacks, batteries, hoists and cranes, barriers/guard rails and more.

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ROLLC224 photo
Southworth ROLLC224 Pallet Lift Station 43" x 47"

Used Southworth ROLLC224 Pallet Lift Station with: Stationary pallet lift station Capacity: 2000 pounds Table dimensions: 44 inches wide x 48 inches deep Up/down foot pedal controls Lift height:...

Allen 42 x 46 Spring Loaded Swivel Pallet Leveler

Used Allen Pallet Leveler with: Table top dimensions: 42 inches x 46 inches Weight capacity: approximately 3,000 pounds Swivel table top Spring loaded pallet leveling Tubular mild steel construction...

40C-SLI photo
Cascade 4000 lbs Stationary HD Pallet Inverter
Can Rent

Used Cascade Heavy Duty Stationary Pallet Inverter with: Designed to provide a reliable, economical and efficient means of inverting loads. Allows transfer of product to pallet or slip sheet, freezer spacer...

Hydraulic Tote Dumper and 14 Stainless Totes

Used Hydraulic Tote Dumper and 14 Stainless Totes with: Hydraulic bin dumper Discharge diameter: 11 inches Painted steel construction Fourteen (14) totes Stainless steel construction Capacity:...

V1 B photo
Reiser V1 B Automatic Stainless Steel Tote Lift

Used Reiser V1B Automatic Stainless Steel Tote Lift with: Lifting capacity: 660 pounds / 300 kilograms Electric, push button operated Cycle time: 60 seconds Power supply:...

Vision photo
Bishamon Vision Pallet Lift 3500 Pound Capcaity

Used Bishamon Vision Pallet Lift with: Capacity: 3.500 pounds Platform dimensions: 42 inches x 48 inches Hydraulic lifting Table mounted Painted steel construction Electric power

Storage Rack photo
Set of 2000 Nestainer Stackable Storage Racks

Used Nestainer storage racks with: For use with piece goods or boxed merchandise Total amount: 2,000 racks Capacity: 2,500 pounds per rack Stackable Durable one-piece all-welded steel frame construction...

DR25TT photo
Raymond EASE DR25TT Deep Reach Forklift 2,200 Lb.

Used Raymond EASE DR25TT Forklift with: Maximum load weight: 2,200 pounds Minimum mast height: 87 inches tall Maximum mast height: 205 inches tall Operating time: 4,176.6 hours Operating position:...

W30ZR photo
Hyster W30ZR Walkie Stacker Lift Truck

Used Hyster Lift Truck with: Capacity: 3,000 pounds Forks specs: Width: 4 inches Length: 42 inches Spread: 30 inches Travel speed: No load: 3.5 miles per hour Load: 2.9 miles...

SL55STK photo
Super Lift SL55STK Stainless Steel Bin Lift

Used Super Lift SL55STK Stainless Steel Bin Lift with: Fork length: 58 inches Operator position: walk behind Electric drive Fully stainless steel construction Maximum capacity: 1500 pounds ...

EZO-25E-3S photo
Bishamon EZO-25E-3S Pallet Lift 2500 Pound Cap

Used Bishamon EZO-25E-3S Pallet Lift with: Uniform load capacity: 2,500 pounds Axle load: 1,900 pounds Edge load: 0 40 inch diameter pallet area Electro-hydraulic operation Lowered height:...

LET photo
MTC LET Vat Dumper with Five Foot Pivot Point

Used MTC LET Vat Dumper with: Pivot point: Approximately 5 feet Power pack Controls

SC-75P photo
Cherry SC-75P 180 Degree Pallet Inverter 4400 LBS
Rental Only

Used Cherry's Industrial SC-75P Pallet Inverter with: Load weigh capacity: 4,400 pounds Load handling range: 42 to 69 inches tall Free standing 180 degree pallet inversion Single moving...

SLA-25 photo
Terex South Dakota Genie SLA-25 Manual Pallet Lift

Used Terex South Dakota Genie SLA-25 Manual Pallet Lift with: Approximate maximum weight capacity: 650 pounds Maximum raised height: 312 inches depending on materials, application...

Robusto FL 351 photo
GBK Robusto FL 351 Stainless Drum Lift and Dump

Used GBK Robusto FL 351 Drum Lift and Dump with: Maximum lift: 1000 millimeters Minimum lift: 450 millimeters Loading capacity: 350 kilograms Linear-positioned gripping equipment for drums 350-650...

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