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Generators are designed to convert mechanical energy into electric energy. The mechanical energy source is typically an internal combustion engine. Generators can produce a direct current or an alternating current. Fuel types are usually diesel, propane, natural gas, etc.

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SOZ-YW-100G photo
Guangzhou Laiter Tech. SOZ-YW-100G Ozone Generator

Used Guangzhou Laiter Technology SOZ-YW-100G Ozone Generator with: Production output rate: 100 gallons per hour Air flow: Up to 120 liters per minute Oxygen flow: Up to 30 liters per minute...

30RZG photo
Kohler Power Systems 30RZG 35kW Standby Generator

Used Kohler Power Systems 30RZG Standby Generator with: Fast response model Output: 208 volts Fuel type: Natural gas Run time: 411 hours Automatic transfer switch

125 ODYD-15R/11035H photo
Onan 125 ODYD-15R/11035H 125 KW Diesel Generator

Used Onan 125 KW Diesel Generator with: Power source: diesel gas Manual switches Operating hours: 8785 Skid mounted Analog push button controls

3516 DITA photo
Caterpillar 1750 kW Diesel Powered Generator

Used Caterpillar Diesel Powered Generator with: CAT Diesel Engine: Model: 3516 DITA 480 Volt 2520 BHP (1,880 BkW) Hours: Approx. 1,700 Stamford Generator: Model: HC734H1 ...

GS-200 photo
PCIWedeco Environmental Tech GS200 Ozone Generator

Used PCI Wedeco Environmental Tech GS-200 Ozone Generator Unit with: Operation hours: 340 hours for chemical processing Production output rate: 200 ppd at 10 percent by weight...

DQCB 7615209 photo
Cummins 750 kW DQCB 7615209 Diesel Generator

Used Cummins 750 Kilowatt Diesel Generator with: Hours: 345 Fuel tank capacity: 3037 gallons 48+ hour base Motor supply: 1220 horsepower 1800 revolutions per...

TS-40 photo
Ozone Solutions TS 40 Grams/Hr Turn Key Generator

Used Ozone Solutions TS 40 Grams/Hr Turn Key Generator with: The TS-40 is a Turn-Key ozone generator with an integrated oxygen concentrator. This ozone generator produces 40 g/hr of ozone, from only 10 LPM...

Enginator VG718GLD photo
Waukesha Enginator VG718GLD Generator

Used Waukesha Enginator VG718GLD Generator with: 1800 revolutions per minute Peak shaving duty Maximum site altitude: 500 feet Maximum ambient temperature: 100 degrees Fahrenheit NOTE: buyer must...

VGF36GLD photo
Waukesha Enginator VGF36GLD Generator

Used Waukesha Enginator VGF36GLD Generator with: Natural gas Governed speed: 1800 revolutions per minute Valve clearance: 0.2 mm intake, 0.66 mm exhaust Continuous duty Maximum site altitude:...

ESG1 photo
Cain ESG1 Generator 20-500 Boiler Horsepower

Used Cain ESG1 Generator 20-500 Boiler Horsepower with: Output capabilities of 20 to 500 boiler horsepower Operating steam pressures from 3 to 450 psig Can be used as either a primary or supplemental...

341275KVA photo
Caterpillar 341275KVA Class F 600 KW Generator

Used Caterpillar Generator with: 600 gallon fuel cell Class F Heated electrical cabinet #2 Fuel Decommissioned by Caterpillar Maximum temperature rise of 130° C by resistance Generator:...

Whatmen Parker Nitrogen Generator

Used Whatmen Parker Nitrogen Generator with: Removes oxygen from plant supply to generate nitrogen for flushing packages of food product 1600 scfh @ 99.5% N2 MAWP: 150 PSIG at 400 degrees Fahrenheit...

GRF-50A-116 photo
Great Lakes Air GRF 50A 116 Nitrogen Generator

Used Great Lakes Air GRF 50A 116 Refrigerated Air Dryer with: Removes oxygen from plant supply to generate nitrogen for flushing packages of food product Refrigeration horsepower: 1/3 T Refrigerant...

35GGFB 42164B photo
Onan 35GGFB 42164B Natural Gas Generator

Used Onan 35GGFB 42164B Generator with: Power source: natural gas Manual switches 35 Kilowatts 480 Volts Phase: 1 or 3 60 hertz

G3406 photo
Caterpillar G3406 Gas Powered Generator

Used Caterpillar G3406 Gas Powered Generator with: Application: generates standby electricity Fuel type: natural gas Maximum standby rating: 260 Fan rotations: 1800 per minute

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