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Generators are designed to convert mechanical energy into electric energy. The mechanical energy source is typically an internal combustion engine. Generators can produce a direct current or an alternating current. Fuel types are usually diesel, propane, natural gas, etc.

30RZG photo
Kohler Power Systems 30RZG 35kW Standby Generator

Used Kohler Power Systems 30RZG Standby Generator with: Fast response model Output: 208 volts Fuel type: Natural gas Run time: 411 hours Automatic transfer switch

3516 DITA photo
Caterpillar 1750 kW Diesel Powered Generator

Used Caterpillar Diesel Powered Generator with: CAT Diesel Engine: Model: 3516 DITA 480 Volt 2520 BHP (1,880 BkW) Hours: Approx. 1,700 Stamford Generator: Model: HC734H1 ...

3516 photo
Caterpillar 3516 1400 kW Diesel Generator

Used 1400 kW Diesel Generator with: 3 units available - priced per unit CAT Diesel Engine Model: 3516 HP: 2130 Marathon Electric Generator Model: 684FDR8445GG W kW: 1400 Prime...

GS-200 photo
PCIWedeco Environmental Tech GS200 Ozone Generator

Used PCI Wedeco Environmental Tech GS-200 Ozone Generator Unit with: Operation hours: 340 hours for chemical processing Production output rate: 200 ppd at 10 percent by weight...

DQCB 7615209 photo
Cummins 750 kW DQCB 7615209 Diesel Generator

Used Cummins 750 Kilowatt Diesel Generator with: Hours: 345 Fuel tank capacity: 3037 gallons 48+ hour base Motor supply: 1220 horsepower 1800 revolutions per...

TS-40 photo
Ozone Solutions TS 40 Grams/Hr Turn Key Generator

Used Ozone Solutions TS 40 Grams/Hr Turn Key Generator with: The TS-40 is a Turn-Key ozone generator with an integrated oxygen concentrator. This ozone generator produces 40 g/hr of ozone, from only 10 LPM...

Enginator VG718GLD photo
Waukesha Enginator VG718GLD Generator

Used Waukesha Enginator VG718GLD Generator with: 1800 revolutions per minute Peak shaving duty Maximum site altitude: 500 feet Maximum ambient temperature: 100 degrees Fahrenheit NOTE: buyer must...

VGF36GLD photo
Waukesha Enginator VGF36GLD Generator

Used Waukesha Enginator VGF36GLD Generator with: Natural gas Governed speed: 1800 revolutions per minute Valve clearance: 0.2 mm intake, 0.66 mm exhaust Continuous duty Maximum site altitude:...

ESG1 photo
Cain ESG1 Generator 20-500 Boiler Horsepower

Used Cain ESG1 Generator 20-500 Boiler Horsepower with: Output capabilities of 20 to 500 boiler horsepower Operating steam pressures from 3 to 450 psig Can be used as either a primary or supplemental...

341275KVA photo
Caterpillar 341275KVA Class F 600 KW Generator

Used Caterpillar Generator with: 600 gallon fuel cell Class F Heated electrical cabinet #2 Fuel Decommissioned by Caterpillar Maximum temperature rise of 130° C by resistance Generator:...

Whatmen Parker Nitrogen Generator

Used Whatmen Parker Nitrogen Generator with: Removes oxygen from plant supply to generate nitrogen for flushing packages of food product 1600 scfh @ 99.5% N2 MAWP: 150 PSIG at 400 degrees Fahrenheit...

GRF-50A-116 photo
Great Lakes Air GRF 50A 116 Nitrogen Generator

Used Great Lakes Air GRF 50A 116 Refrigerated Air Dryer with: Removes oxygen from plant supply to generate nitrogen for flushing packages of food product Refrigeration horsepower: 1/3 T Refrigerant...

35GGFB 42164B photo
Onan 35GGFB 42164B Natural Gas Generator

Used Onan 35GGFB 42164B Generator with: Power source: natural gas Manual switches 35 Kilowatts 480 Volts Phase: 1 or 3 60 hertz

G3406 photo
Caterpillar G3406 Gas Powered Generator

Used Caterpillar G3406 Gas Powered Generator with: Application: generates standby electricity Fuel type: natural gas Maximum standby rating: 260 Fan rotations: 1800 per minute

97A Olympian photo
Generac 97A Olympian Back Up Generator

Used Gernerac Back-Up Generator with: 1360 Operation Hours KVA: 37.5 1800 RPM 100 Amp transfer switch Diesel powered

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