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Equipment in this category transfers heat between fluids. Heat exchangers can be used for energy, or they can be used to maintain proper temperature of a material. This process can be used to heat or cool a product. Heat Exchangers use plates, tubes, coils, and other methods, depending on volume and viscosity.

TL6 BFG photo
Alfa Laval TL6 BFG Stainless Plate Heat Exchange
Inventory #: G6577

Used Alfa Laval TL6 BFG Staineless Plate Heat Exchange with: Maximum allowable working pressure: 150 PSI at 250° Fahrenheit Minimum design metal temperature: 20° Fahrenheit at 150 PSI Area:...

AA-500 P/N 26560 photo
Hopkins AA-500 P N 26560 Heat Exchangers
Inventory #: G5882

Used Hopkins AA-500 P N 26560 Heat Exchangers with: 2 units included One unit has a 5 inch inlet diameter and a 5 inch outlet diameter One unit has a 3 inch inlet diameter and 3 inch outlet diameter...

B65 photo
SWEP B65 Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: G4584

Used SWEP B65 Heat Exchanger with: Maximum working temperature: 400 TS'F Maximum working pressure: 400 PSI

De Laval 97 Plate Stainless Steel Heat Exchange
Inventory #: G4117

Used De Laval Heat Exchange with: 97 plates Inlet diameter: 2 inches Outlet diameter: 2 inches Previous application: ice pop flavoring Expandable design Stainless steel construction

S17-ES photo
Sondex Italia S17-ES Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: G2914

Used Sondex Italia S17-ES heat exchanger with: Maximum allowable pressure: 12 barg Volume: 39.5 liters Allowable temperature: 0° - 130° Celsius Test Pressure: 17.2 barg

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: G2916

Used Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger with: Tube-in-tube heat exchanging system Inner tube diameter: 1 inch Individual tube length: 22 feet Number of tubes: 21 Stainless steel construction Insulated...

PRO3-F photo
Pro Flow AGC PRO3 F Plate Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: D9121

Used Pro Flow Heat Exchanger with: 316 stainless steel construction Operating pressures up to 10 bar Plate capacity: 0.32 gallons Plate measurements (inches): 45.375 x 15.4375

AA-500 photo
XChanger Industrial Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: G2494

Used XChanger Heat Exchanger with: Air cooled Fan diameter: 18 inches Inlet diameter: 4 inches Outlet dimensions: 4 inches Exhaust hood and venturi frame are galvanized steel construction

Krones 12 Chamber Stainless Steel Heat Exchange
Inventory #: D9745

Used Krones Heat Exchange with: Maximum allowable working pressure 10 BAR at 100 degrees Celsius 12 Chambers Stainless steel construciton Plate style exchange Previous application: beverage industry...

GEA Ecoflex 52 Inch Long Flexible Heat Exchange
Inventory #: D9736

Used GEA Ecoflex Heat Exchange with: Maximum allowable working pressure: 150 PSIG Minimum design metal temperature: 32 degrees Fahrenheit Adjustable plate width Operating temperature: 212 Butterfly...

M6-MBASE photo
Alfa Laval M6-MBASE Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: D9726

Used Alfa Laval M6-MBASE Heat Exchanger with: Overflow tank capacity: 75 gallons Lenze LZ12-4C HMI Maximum working temperature: 230 degrees Fahrenheit Volume: 13 gallons Stainless steel construction...

HRSR-160D25ALP photo
Cain HRSR-160D25ALP Makeup Water Loop Heater
Inventory #: D9537

Used Cain HRSR-160D25ALP Makeup Water Loop Heater with: The HRSR Series is designed to receive total liquid flow, reduce gas temperatures to desired levels, and lower exhaust noise reducing the need for a...

BLCK-MH-1030-144 photo
Chromalox BLCK MH Immersion Deep Tank Blade Heater
Inventory #: D9135

Used Chromalox BLCK MH Immersion Deep Tank Blade Heater with: Chromalox Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters are designed for installing in the top of a tank with the heated portion directly immersed along the...

AR56-SH photo
AGC Engineering 05288 Heat Exchange
Inventory #: D9116

Used AGC Heat Exchange with: Entry hole diameter: 1.25 inches Exit hole diameter (inches): 1.5, 2.75 Radiator hole diameter: 2.75 inches Maximum temperature: 250° Fahrenheit Maximum pressure:...

HT1655 photo
Crepaco 8 Foot Long Cooling Tubes
Inventory #: D8513

Used Crepaco Cooling Tubes with: Inner diameter of infeed and outfeed: 2 inches 6 levels of 8 foot cooling pipe Stainless steel construction Compact and lightweight design Taylor Flow Diversion...

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