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Equipment in this category transfers heat between fluids. Heat exchangers can be used for energy, or they can be used to maintain proper temperature of a material. This process can be used to heat or cool a product. Heat Exchangers use plates, tubes, coils, and other methods, depending on volume and viscosity.

THCS photo
ThermaFlo THCS Horizontal Clean Steam Generator
Inventory #: D5721Can Rent

Used ThermaFlo THCS Steam Generator with: Horizontal clean steam generator Produces clean steam from the shell using a higher pressure plant steam or HTHW tubes 3 inch thick high-efficient fiberglass...

H10- RC photo
Alfa Laval H10-RC Plate Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: A2575Can Rent

Used Alfa Laval H10- RC Plate Press System with: 3 section heat exchange 2 heating sections, 1 cooling section Designed capacity: 3000 gallons (11,356 liters) per hour (2) Dividers Tie Bars and...

SR2R4 photo
APV SR2R4 Plate Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: A2044Can Rent

Used APV SR2R4 Heat Exchanger with: Designed for steam sterilization Max. working pressure: 145 psig Design temp ma./min.: 239 °F Additional plates easily added Inlets: (4) 3" Outlets:...

TS6-MFG photo
Alfa Laval TS6-MFG Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: A2045Can Rent

Used Alpha Laval TS6-MFG Heat Exchanger with: MAWP: 150 psi at 200 °F MDMT: -20 °F at 150 psi Area: 12.90 sq.ft. A-Dim: 75 MM W/ 16 0.60 MM plts Additional plates easily added

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