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A hopper is a container that holds materials until they are ready to be distributed into the production process. Hoppers are often fitted to other equipment, such as fillers, feeders, and weigh scales.

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Flexicon SS Hopper Dump Station with Agitation

Used Flexicon Hopper with: Interior hopper dimensions: Opening: 24 x 24 inches Depth: 18 inches Top inlets: (1) 6 inches diameter (1) 3 inches diameter Agitation: ...

60 Cu Ft photo
60 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Dry Solids Hopper

Used Dry Solids Hopper with: Capacity: approximately 60 cubic feet Weir gate discharge Forklift inserts Stainless steel construction mounted on stainless frame

50 Cu Ft photo
MTC 50 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Storage Hopper

Used Storage Dump Hopper with: Capacity: 3,000 Pounds 50 Cubic feet Open top/infeed: 63 x 51 inches Depth: Cone: 51 inches Straight side: 12 inches Side access door:...

37 Cu Ft photo
MAC Equipment 37 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Bin Hopper

Used MAC Equipment Hopper with: Capacity: 37 cubic feet Top mounted: Sloped or cone top Inlet: 6 inches diameter (2) 2 Inch NPT fill level ports Bottom cone: 70° cone Flanged...

60 Gallons photo
Stainless Steel Square Hopper 60 Gallons

Used Square Hopper with: Approximate capacity: 60 gallons Brim dimensions: Length: 48 inches Width: 48 inches Depth: 19 inches Stainless steel construction mounted on casters

Mild Steel Hopper 280 Cubic Feet Capacity

Used Hopper with: Capacity: approximately 280 cubic feet Previously used as a HDPE surge bin at a water bottling facility Overall dimensions: 12 feet tall x 96 inches wide x 96 inches long Painted,...

70 Gallon Mild Steel Product Feeding Hopper

Used 70 Gallon Mild Steel Product Feeding Hopper with: Capacity: Approximately 70 gallons (2) Inlets: Top mounted 5 inch diameter 6 inch diameter (1)...

AOL photo
Heat and Control AOL 50 Gallon Hopper

Used Heat and Control AOL Hopper with: Capacity: approximately 50 gallons Outlet diameter: 2 inches Square design Steel construction Fixed height

MAC Equipment 44" Diameter Pick-Up Hopper

Used MAC Equipment Pick-Up Hopper with: Hopper diameter: 44 inches Hinged lid Two top mounted infeeds: 5 inch and 2.375 inch diameters Capacity: approximately 85 gallons or 10 cubic feet 3...

800 Gallon Degasser Hopper for Coffee

Used 800 Gallon Hopper with Auger Conveyor with: Hopper capacity: approximately 800 gallons, 105 cubic feet Hopper dimensions: 48 inches wide x 126 inches long x 29 inches tall Hinged manway: 16...

Stainless Steel Butter Melt Process Hopper

Used Stainless Steel Butter Melt Process Hopper with: Funnel type hopper for melting butter Hopper dimensions: 36 inches x 36 inches Electric fired 8 burners heat the hopper surface to melt the...

Stainless Steel Product Feeding Hopper

Used Stainless Steel Product Feeding Hopper with: Dimensions: 59.5 inches wide x 74 inches long x 24 inches deep Stainless steel electric motor Shaft with mixing bars Shaft dimensions: 64 inches...

Meadows Mills Inc. Vertical Dry Ingredient Mixer

Used Meadows Mills Inc. Vertical Dry Ingredient Mixer with: Capacity: 400 pounds Three (3) top inlets: 4 and 8 inch inlet Hinged lid opening Belt drive with guard Auger for mixing:...

Friensens Twin Screw Auger Conveyor Hopper

Used Friensens Twin Screw Auger Conveyor Hopper with: Auger dimensions: (1) 16 inch diameter (1) 12 inch diameter Hopper dimensions: 51 inches wide x 72 inches long x 56 inches...

SH-3000 photo
Blentech SH-3000 75 Cubic Foot Stainless Hopper

Used Blentech SH-3000 Hopper with: Capacity: 75 Cubic Feet Cone bottom Discharge: 6 inches Stainless steel frame

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