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Thermoforming machines work by creating a pocket or blister in flat film. The product is loaded into the pocket, either automatically or manually. The pocket is then sealed with flat film and heat, and separated as a sealed package. Rollstock thermoformers can use either a supported or unsupported web, and can be either intermittent motion or continuous.

R530 photo
Multivac R530 Horizontal Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: D9177

Used Multivac Thermoformer with: Output: 8 - 10 cycles per minute Film specs: Width: 16.5 inches / 420mm Advance: 11.8 inches / 300mm Die specs: (9) dies in 3 x 3 configuration...

R230 photo
Multivac R230 Horizontal Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: D9173

Used Mulitvac Thermoformer with: Output: 8 - 10 cycles per minute Semi-rigid film: Width: 16.5 inches Advance: 9.4 inches Includes: 4.2 Divider set: 8-up Ink jet coder Print...

DV2700 photo
Dixie Union DV2700 Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: D8708

Used Dixie Union DV2700 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Stainless steel construction Designed for vacuum sealing packages

VC999/RS520 photo
Packaging Systems VC999/RS520 Thermoformer
Inventory #: D8688

Used Packaging Systems Thermoformer with: Max index length: up to 650 millimeters Loading length: 1300 (standard), 2100, 2925, 3300, 4200, 5000 millimeters Discharge length: 750 (standard), 1100, 1750,...

R145 photo
Multivac R145 Rollstock Thermoformer HFFS
Inventory #: D7961

Used Multivac R145 Thermoformer with: Maximum film width: 459 mm Pack types: rectangular and round, basic formats and freely definable formats Film types: flexible film, rigid film Maximum forming...

RS420 photo
VC999 RS420 Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: D7567

Used VC999 Thermoformer with: Maximum index length: up to 300 mm / 11.8 inches Cut-off length: 7.67 inches MAP gas flush Maximum film roll diameter: 19.6 inches on a 3 inch core Shape cutting...

Mini-Mag 44-40 photo
Irwin 44-40 Mini Mag Inline Thermoformer
Inventory #: D6552

Used Irwin Thermoformer and Trim Press with: Irwin Mini-Mag 44-40 Thermoformer Press: 60 tons Maximum forming area: 44 inches wide x 40 inches long Depth of draw: 6 inches Shut height: 25...

Tiromat 3000 photo
Kramer Grebe Tiromat 3000 Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: D6480

Used Kramer Grebe Thermoformer with: Maximum output: up to 40 strokes per minute (3) product lanes Film width: 16 inches Sealing area: 16 inches x 14 inches Standard unwind Compatible with...

Tiromat 2500 photo
Kraemer and Grebe Tiromat 2500 Form Fill and Seal
Inventory #: D5681

Used Kraemer and Grebe Tiromat 2500 Form Fill and Seal with: Film type: flexible, MAP Bottom film width: 325 millimeters Cut-off length: 200 millimeters Vacuum pump Stainless steel construction...

Power Pak 660 photo
CFS Tiromat PowerPak 660 Vacuum Thermoformer
Inventory #: D5109

Used CFS Tiromat PowerPak 660 Vacuum Thermoformer with: Product Pockets/molds machined per product spec, and are interchangeable for any type/size product. Current die is 6.77” and package size is...

660 photo
CFS 660 Tiromat Thermoformer Vacuum Packaging
Inventory #: D4849

Used CFS Tiromat Tray Former with: Forming station Sealing station Cutting station Speed: up to 14 cycles per minute Film width: 23.5 inches on 3 or 6 inch core Capable of 7.8 draw depth ...

TA-10 photo
Hajek TA-10 Rollstock Thermoformer Machine
Inventory #: D3213

Used Hajek TA-10 Rollstock Thermoformer Machine with: Full stainless steel construction Dual chamber Onboard pump Gas flush Vacuum and gas flush

DP 50 photo
Dixie Union DP50 Horizontal Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: D3534

Used Dixie Union DP 50 Horizontal Rollstock Thermoformer with: Applications: meats, cheeses, fish, etc. Speeds: up to 7 packages per minute Maximum film width: 13 inches Film advance: 7 - 13.5 inches...

Sure flow 805 photo
Mahaffy Harder 805 Sureflow Form Fill and Seal
Inventory #: D3416

Used Mahaffy Harder 805 Sureflow Form, Fill and Seal Machine with: Horizontal Thermoform Vacuum Web widths Top: 8.5 inches Bottom: 9 inches Sanitary construction

R 245 photo
Multivac R245 Thermoform Packaging Machine
Inventory #: D1256

Used Multivac R245 Thermoform Packaging Machine with: Application: compact thermorformer, used for packaging 2, 3 and 5 packed pretzel rods Max reel diameter: 450mm Punch for semi rigid film 420...

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