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Pipeline metal detectors are used in the food production industries where it is necessary to inspect liquids, pastes and other flowing products as they pass through the processing pipelines. When metal is detected, a reject valve opens, allowing the product with metal to exit. Metal detectors are used to detect even the smallest pieces of metal. They are usually put in a packaging or processing line as a safety check as the products move through the line. Different products require different methods of metal detection.

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IQ3 photo
Loma IQ3 Flow Through Pipeline Metal Detector
Inventory #: D1364Featured Can Rent

Used Loma IQ3 Flow Through Pipeline Metal Detector with: Infeed diameter: 2.875 inches Outfeed diameter: 3 inches Fluid Flow 3FT diverter valve for product reject Left to right product flow ...

HDS photo
Lock Metal Check Flow Thru Pipeline Metal Detector
Inventory #: B5982Can Rent

Used Lock Metal Check Flow Thru Metal Detector, 3in. Aperture with: 3 inch pipeline diameter Mounted on stand Casters Small footprint

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