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Milling equipment uses blades, hammers, or other methods to turn large particles into a finer material, usually powders. The size of the particle depends on the speed and type of the rotor, and the screen hole size. This equipment is commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

J.H. Day 3 Roller Mill and FTS RC-300G-000 Chiller
Inventory #: G9580

Used J.H. Day 3 Roller Mill and FTS RC-300G-000 Chiller with: J.H. Day 3 Roller Mill with: 15 horsepower motor 34 inches wide 3 rollers Discharge height: 47 inches Painted, mild steel...

CMCM5 photo
Cadmach Machinery CMCM5 Colloid Mill
Inventory #: G9138

Used Cadmach Mill with: Capacity: 264 - 26455 pounds per shift Rotor and Stator: Toothed Manually adjustable gap Driven by 3 horsepower direct coupled drive @ 2850 rpm Hopper: ...

Premier UB7 Jacketed Colloid Mill
Inventory #: G9136

Used Premier Mill with: Capacity: up to 50 gallons per hour Rotor: Diameter: 4 inches Driven by 3 horsepower 3450 rpm motor Sattelite rotor and stator Jacketed stator Top inlet:...

W500 V photo
Gifford Wood W500 V SS Vertical Colloid Mill
Inventory #: G9143

Used Gifford Wood Mill with: Capacity: 20 - 65 gallons per minute, depending on gap setting Feed inlet: 2 inches diameter Stainless steel hopper Driven by 15 horsepower motor, ul tagged for hazardous...

Gifford Wood Labratory Colloid Mill
Inventory #: G9137

Used Gifford Wood Mill with: Application: designed for producing emulsions of relatively light viscosity Capacity: up to 10 gallons per hour Rotor: Diameter: 2 inches Adjustable gap rotor...

UB6 photo
Premier Mills UB6 Vertical Colloid Mill
Inventory #: G9140

Used Premier Mill with: Capacity: up to 30 gallons per hour Rotor/Stator: Rotor diameter: 3 inches Manually operated gap adjustments with graduate markins Stator head jacketed for cooling ...

Laboratory/Pilot modelo photo
Colby Laboratory Pilot Stainless SS Colloid Mill
Inventory #: G8984

Used Colby Mill with: Output per hour: Minimum: 3 gallons Maximum: 30 gallons Belt driven Infeed worm Serrated surface rotors: 2.5 inches diameter Jacketed stator 0.50 Horsepower...

W250 photo
Greerco W250 Stainless Steel Colloid Mill
Inventory #: G8982

Used Greerco Mill with: Jacketed mill housing Inlet with hopper: Diameter: 1 inch Stainless steel hopper Mounted from bevel seal acme threaded connection Rotor-stator gap ...

3UB7 photo
Premier 3UB7 Vertical Stainless Steel Colloid Mill
Inventory #: G8983

Used Premier Mill with: Output: up to 20 gallons per hour Rotor: Diameter: 3 inches Smooth stellite faced Driven at 7,200 rpm Jacketed mill head with stellite faced stator Mill...

196S photo
Quadro Comil 196S Sanitary Stainless Steel Mill
Inventory #: G8359

Used Quadro Mill with: Capabilities: Sieving Mixing Dispersion Size reduction Capacity: up to 8,000 pounds per hour Current screen: 2F 018R015/30* (457) Feed port: 8 x 8 inches...

ICM-520 photo
Mill Powder Tech Systems ICM520 Classified Mill
Inventory #: G8081

Used Mill Powder Tech Systems Mill with: Output: 110 - 660 pounds per hour, depending on product Fineness (may vary according to raw material): Minimum: 40 mesh Maximum: 2500 mesh Includes:...

196 photo
Quadro Comomil 196 Hammer Mill
Inventory #: G7985

Used Quadro Comomil 196 Hammer Mill with: Up 10 10,000 pounds per hour 12 inch diameter feeder screen 14 inch diameter discharge port Size 16 screen Discharge height: 40 inches Hopper: 14 inches...

Fabfer Hammer Mill Coffee Grinder 2000lbs per Hour
Inventory #: G7164

Used Fabfer Hammer Mill with: Never put into production Designed to grind coffee Output: approximately 1300 pounds per hour

Buhler 60 HP 2 Roll Chocolate Mill and Refiner
Inventory #: G5317

Used Buhler Mill with: 60 horsepower motor 15 inch roll diameter Roll width: 56 inches Dump hopper Weigh cell Hydraulic adjustments Manual switches Analog amp gauge

DKAS012 photo
Fitzmill DKAS012 S/S Gravity Fed Hammer Mill
Inventory #: G7043

Fitzmill DKAS012 S/S Gravity Fed Mill with: Stainless steel product contact surface Dual screw feeder driven by 1 hp motor Main motor: 15 hp 32 fixed blades with reversible chamber Outboard roller...

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