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Milling equipment uses blades, hammers, or other methods to turn large particles into a finer material, usually powders. The size of the particle depends on the speed and type of the rotor, and the screen hole size. This equipment is commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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100 AFG photo
Alpine 100 AFG Stainless Steel Jet Mill

Used Alpine Jet Mill with: This machine uses compressed air to reduce partical sizes Output: 30 pounds per hour Infeed hopper dimensions: Length: 9 inches Width: 11 inches Depth: 9 inches...

Jacketed Stainless Steel Ball Mill

Used Stainless Steel Jacketed Ball Mill with: Capacity: 4 gallons Jacketed kettle dimensions Diameter: 10 inches Height: 14 inches Bottom discharge diameter: 1 inch Mill Type: stainless...

BS-N20V photo
Vectrax BS-N20V CNC Milling Machine

Used Vectrax BS-N20V CNC Milling Machine with: Table dimensions: Length: 54 inches Width: 10 inches Bolt insert diameter: 1/2 inch Electrical requirements: 110 volts, 50/60 hertz,...

Quadro 197 GPS Stainless Steel Conical Mill

Used Quadro Stainless Steel Mill with: Model: 197GPS 1 Hp Lesson Drive Adjustable speed controller Fincor 2300 Scale up factor 1 Wet 375 Q (9.5 mm) kilograms per hour 220 Dry 094R (2.4 mm)...

DA6O6 photo
Fitzpatrick Fitzmill DASO6 7.5HP Stainless Steel Hammer Mill

Used Fitzpatrick Fitzmill Comminutor DAS06 Hammermill with: Maximum RPMs: 7200 rotations per minute Number of blades: 16 Rotor diameter: 10.5 inches 7.5 hp motor Stainless steel construction mounted...

Comminutor DAS06 photo
Fitzpatrick Fitzmill Comminutor DAS06 Hammermill

Used Fitzpatrick Fitzmill Comminutor DAS06 Hammermill with: Maximum RPMs: 7200 rotations per minute Number of blades: 16 Screen area: 109 inches squared Chamber width: 6 inches Rotor diameter:...

MZ-50 photo
Fryma MZ-50 High Shear Vertical Colloid Mill

Used Fryma MZ-50 High Shear Vertical Colloid Mill with: Used for wet grinding of liquid and high viscous suspensions Output: 120 – 300 kilograms per hour 3 horsepower motor Cart mounted Stainless...

003 photo
Fluid Air 003 Stainless Steel Hammer Mill

Used Fluid Air 003 Hammer Mill with: Being sold as - is, no powerup available Comminuting mill Feed hopper and vibratory feeder Capable of handling both wet or dry prodcuts Can reduce up to 40...

DAS06 photo
Fitzpatrick Fitzmill DAS06 Comminuting Hammermill

Used Fitzpatrick Fitzmill with: Gravity pan fed Motor: 7.5hp Knife assembly: fixed 16 blade Knife impact style Push button: Start/ stop Unit mounted on locking casters...

DAS06 photo
Fitzmill DAS06 Stainless Hammermill Comminutor

Used Fitzmill DAS06 Hammermill Comminutor with: Stainless steel contact parts High feed throat Blade chamber dimensions: 11 inches long x 6 inches wide (16) 1 inch wide x 3.75 inches long fixed,...

No. 88 photo
Modern Process Equipment 88 Coffee Roller Mill

Used Modern Process Equipment No. 88 Coffee Gran-U-Lizer Roller Mill with: 3 vertically stacked roller sections Application: grinds materials to a range of sizes from 4 to 325 mesh (4,000 - 50 microns)...

G5HFS photo
Prater G5HFS 36 Blade 5 Horsepower Hammer Mill

Used Prater G5HFS Hammer Mill with: 5 horsepower motor 36 carbon steel hammers Hammer pattern: (3) rows of 12 hammers Hammer dimensions: 2 inches wide x 3/16" thick Screen area: approximately...

489 photo
Urschel Comitrol 1700 15 Horsepower Processor

Used Urschel Comitrol 1700 Centrifugal Slicer with: Application: used to breakdown food products to create a multitude of products, such as: nut butters, pastes and extruded products, biscuits and cookies,...

Series 27 photo
Entoleter Series 27 Centrifugal Impact Mill

Used Entoleter Series 27 Centrifugal Impact Mill with: Breaks up and eliminates small nodules and agglomerates which may form during mixing process 25 horsepower motor Approximate output: 12 metric tons...

W250 vb 96 photo
Greerco W250 Stainless Steel Colloid Mill

Used Greerco Mill with: Output: up to 25 gallons per minute Jacketed mill housing/grinding chamber Inlet with hopper: Diameter: 1 inch Stainless steel feed hopper with recirculation system...

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