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S2-144-70-PTC photo
Aeroglide SS Tunnel Pasteurizer Cooler
Inventory #: G5570

Used Aeroglide Pasteurizer Tunnel with: Eight zone tunnel: (3) Heat zones (1) Hold zone (1) Tempering zone (3) Cooling zones Product last ran - glass bottles at following specs:...

520 photo
S.J. Industries SS Pasteurizer Tunnel for Cans
Inventory #: G5562

Used J.S. Industries Pasteurizer Tunnel with: Three heating zones: (1) 120° Fahrenheit (1) 130° Fahrenheit (1) 140° Fahrenheit Tunnel dimensions: Length: 240 inches ...

President photo
Cretors President Commercial Popcorn Machine
Inventory #: G4327

Used Cretors President PR20ES4 Popcorn Machine with: Previously used in a high school concessions stand Stainless steel cabinet Makes approximately 640 one ounce servings per hour Excellent for covered...

N2-45 photo
Parker Balston N2-45 Nitrogen Generation System
Inventory #: G5211

Used Parker Balston Gas Generator with: Nitrogen generator for mid level flow applications Capacity: up to 134 SLOM Inlet: Connection: 0.5 inch NPT Inlet pressure: 7 - 10 bar Purity:...

Custom Moonshiner Submarine 350 Gallon w/Condenser
Inventory #: G5007

Used Custom Moonshiner Submarine 350 Gallon w/Condenser with: 350 gallon submarine with condenser and firebox Manway door on side and top Requires cold water hook-up and natural gas connection Once...

7010SS photo
Scholz Industries 7010SS Product Reclaimer Machine
Inventory #: G4867

Used Scholz Product Reclaimer with: Automatic bag or pouch product reclaimation system Products: Powders Granules Utilizes cleated belt conveyor to opening slitters Product passes...

855-050-RSS photo
Scholz Industries SS Product Reclaimer Machine
Inventory #: G4883

Used Scholz Product Reclaimer with: Automatic bag or pouch product reclaimation system Bag infeed: Dimensions (inches): 10 wide x 7 high Rotating cutting wheel to open the bag Rotating...

Model 25 photo
Manesty Boots 25 Stainless Steel Tablet Deduster
Inventory #: G4336

Manesty Tablet Deduster with: Application: removes powder residues after pressing tablets or filling capsules Rotary drum screen: Length: 11 inches Diameter: 6 inches Variable speed...

VL8 photo
FPEC VL8 SS Vertical Column Cart Lift
Inventory #: G4317

Used FPEC Cart Lift with: Maximum lift capacity: 600 pounds Maximum discharge height: 82 inches Chain lift mechanism All stainless steel construction

Lot of 3040 24 Inch x 20 Inch Nesting Bread Trays
Inventory #: G4180

Used Lot of 3040 24 Inch x 20 Inch Nesting Bread Trays with: Nesting bread trays 24 inch x 20 inch 3,040 available

2500 photo
Rescor 2500 Industrial Reject Crusher
Inventory #: G4132

Used Rescor Reject Crusher with: Output: up to 2 tons per hour Crushes: Cans Bottles/jugs Size: up to 5 gallons Drag conveyor: Length: 60 inches Width: 20 inches ...

7460-2-6 photo
Sebright Products Industrial Stationary Compactor
Inventory #: G3973

Used Sebright Compactor with: Capacity: 4 Cubic yards 108 Cubic feet Cubic yards per hour: 121 Chamber opening (inches): 74 x 60 Horsepower: 20 Cylinders: Number of cylinders:...

Custom Kraft Shop Creation photo
Stainless Steel Product Reclamation Press
Inventory #: G3921

Used Reclamation Press with: Semi-automatic operation Hydraulically operated Single down stroke Working area: 12 x 17 inches (2) Work tables: 22 x 24 inches 38 inch clearance under pressing...

1QT-DIS photo
Ross 1 Quart Stainless Steel Discharge Press
Inventory #: G3910

Used Ross Discharge Press with: Hydraulic plate discharge system Press for: 1 quart planetary mixer Motorized hydraulic system Stainless steel contact parts

N-225 photo
On Site Gas N225 TGN PSA Nitrogen Generator
Inventory #: G3774

Used On Site Systems Nitrogen Generator with: Fully automatic with pressure switch, pre-filters and pressure regulator Output: Up to 522 standard cubic feet per hour Purity: 99.999% Outlet...

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