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RPS photo
Heat and Control RPS Raw Potato Sizer
Inventory #: G6944

Used Heat and Control RPS Raw Potato Sizer with: This unit is designed to receive peeled potatoes from a dirt eliminator, size out the large potatoes and transfer the large potatoes to one of the containment...

RBF-6 photo
Solbern RBF6 One Lane SS Burrito Folding Machine
Inventory #: G9797

Used Solbern Folding Machine with: Single lane burrito folder Output: up to 60 cycles per minute Folding platforms: Number of platforms: 6 Includes filling depositor platform Smooth...

40P-MSLF photo
Angelus 40P MSLF Automatic Can Closing Machine
Inventory #: G9599

Angelus Can Closer with: Number of closing heads: 4 Steam flow closure Includes: Straight-line infeed (missing chain) Rotary marker Approximately 5 horsepower vari-cone drive motor ...

CS-7A photo
FoodTools CS-7A Cheesecake Cruster for Crumb Crust
Inventory #: G9461

Used FoodTools CS-7A Cheesecake Cruster for Crumb Crust with: The FoodTools CS-7A Crumb Spreader is designed to place a crumb mixture on the bottom and side wall of straight sided pans and pie tins with sloping...

CD1500 photo
ClearWater CD1500 Ozonator Ozone Generator
Inventory #: G8980

Used ClearWater CD1500 Ozonator with: Air-cooled ozone generator Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer commercially available, up to 1.5 times stronger and many times faster acting than chlorine. Ozone enriched...

Lid Press photo
Storcan Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic Lid Press
Inventory #: G9282

Used Storcan Lid Press with: Output: up to 20 containers per minute Product height: Minimum: 12 inches Maximum: 24 inches Belt press conveyor (inches): 36 long x 12 wide Infeed and...

5 x 12 ISLA photo
Hussmann 5 x 12 ISLA Salad or Olive Bar
Inventory #: G9133

Used Hussmann 5 x 12 ISLA Olive Bar with: Previously used in a grocery store for a salad bar/olive bar Dry lower storage with sliding doors Space for plates and cutlery Sneeze guard 4 zones ...

Multiplanter RR16 photo
Urbinati Multiplanter RR16 Transplanter
Inventory #: G9139

Used Urbinati Multiplanter RR16 Transplanter with: Designed to pick plants out of trays and transplant them into other trays Currently set up to transplant from a 288 plug tray (288 small plants in a tray)...

Jacketed Votive Candle Machine 210 Per Pour
Inventory #: G8816

Used Votive Candle Machine with: Produces 210 candles in a single pour Adjustable molds for .5 inch to 3 inch tall votive candles Process: pour hot wax on the top of the machine, let cool, and scrape...

Laboratory Crusher and Delumper
Inventory #: G8727

Used Laboratory Crusher with: Throat size: Width: 5 inches Length: 12 inches Body extends in opposing direction for placement over receiver vessel Chain driven rotor by 0.75 horsepower...

SPC-60S photo
Somat SPC-60S Close-Coupled Pulper Hydra-Extractor
Inventory #: G8212Featured

Used Somat SPC-60S Close-Coupled Pulper Hydra-Extractor with: Stand alone food service waste unit Comprised of a pulper directly connected to a Hydra-Extractor Provide an efficient answer to reducing...

Revolution 180 photo
Vector Revolution 180 CNC Contour Edge Bander
Inventory #: G8149

Used Vector Revolution 180 CNC Contour Edge Bander with: Application: used to round corners for shaped wood pieces Working field size: 3.5 millimeters x 1.83 millimeters Work piece height: 16 millimeters...

IB-06 photo
Maselli IB-06 Beverage CO2 and Diet Analyzer
Inventory #: G8083

Used Maselli IB-06 Beverage CO2 and Diet Analyzer with: Maselli IB-06 beverage analyzer Temperature range: 23 - 194 degrees Fahrenheit Pressure: 14.5 - 145 PSI UR 22 digital reference...

WPS-1200 photo
Hobart WPS-1200 WastePro Pulper w Feed Tray
Inventory #: G7821

Used Hobart WPS-1200 WastePro Pulper with: Pulper tank: 25.5 inch diameter investment cast 316 stainless steel tank Vibration isolators secure the motor and the tank to the stainless steel...

Automatic SS Taquito and Burrito Filling Rolling
Inventory #: G8003

Used Burrito & Taquito Rolling Machine with: Application: fills and rolls burritos & taquitos Output: approximately 100 per minute, depending on product Single lane Conveyor: Width:...

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