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Used Miscellaneous Equipment

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Stainless Steel 30" Wide x 8' Long Work Table
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C4869

Used Stainless Steel Table with: Tabletop area: 30 inches wide x 8 feet long Table height: 32.5 inches

KU 750 050505 photo
ELIOG Gmbh KU 750 050505 Forced Air Batch Furnace
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C5107

Used Forced Air Batch Furnace KU 750/05-05-05 with: Application: temperature controller, temperature limiter, temperature recorder Jumbo logo screen Outer Dimension: 53 inches long x 50 inches wide...

EGC Valet photo
EGG Valet Centri-Matic Egg Breaker
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C5214

Used EGG Valet Centri-Matic Egg Breaker with: Application: cracks open a mass batch of eggs Simple operation Product funneling bowl On casters for ease of mobility

30 photo
Maxim Nilma 30 Fast Onion Peeler
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C2603

Used Maxim Nilma 30 Fast Onion Peeler with: Designed to peel onions automatically Made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel A water jet eliminates the skin A fine, abrasive disk peels delicately without...

Reznor Stainless Steel Ventilation Hood
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C4581

Used Reznor Stainless Steel Hood with: Dimensions: 9.5 feet long x 54 inches x 22 inches tall Filters Ansell system and stainless steel tank Take out out unit Reznor hot air make up unit Lights...

HCD-600-EA photo
Munters Cargocaire HCD-600-EA Dehumidifier
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C4217

Used Munters Cargocaire HCD-600-EA Dehumidifier with: Honeycomb dehumidifier Air flow rates of 300 - 1125 scfm Nominal moisture removal: 16 pounds per hour at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, 50% RH at 600 scfm...

HCD-600-EA-SFCS photo
Munters Cargocaire HCD-600-EA-SFCS Dehumidifier
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C4216

Used Munters Cargocaire HCD-600-EA SFCS Dehumidifier with: Designed to efficiently dehumidify to low moisture levels Can process airflows from 300 to 1125 CFM Unit casing is manufactured of fully welded,...

Toyo Pouch Fill Line w/Checkweigher and Conveyors
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C4572

Used Toyo Pouch Filling Line Accessory Pack with: (2 units) Mettler-Toledo Pouch Checkweigher with Hartness Outfeed Conveyor Hytrol Roller Conveyor (Top) Hartness Belt Conveyor (Middle) Hytroll Roller...

Ion 100T photo
TePla Ion 100T Drum and Tray RF Plasma Chamber
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C4163

Used TePla Ion 100T Drum and Tray RF Plasma Chamber with: Chamber volume: 100 Liters Inner dimensions: 14.76 inches x 14.76 inches x 28 inches Rotating drum and 7 shelf unit Process gas: mass flow...

Geza Verik UV Curring Tunnel
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C3585

Used Geza Verik UV Curring Tunnel with: Approximately 2 inch wide x 5 inch tall tunnel aperture Variable speed belt with simple on/off switch Approximately 71 inch long belt Knob SCR control ...

TSA 21 photo
Tetra Pak TSA 21 Straw Applicator
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C4089

Used Tetra Pak TSA 21 Straw Applicator with: Application: Ribbon style feed that cut and glued straws to 250 milliliter packages Production speed: 6,000 straws per hour 10V straw applicator

DE Brewery Winery Horizontal Screen Filter
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C2951

Used DE Brewery Winery Horitzontal Screen Filter with: Great system for filtering higher volumes of wine or beer With the filter's horizontal plates there is no more worrying about losing your filtration...

GEP photo
BPT Skerman GEP Brush
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C3573

Used BPT Skerman GEP Brush with: Brush dimensions: 3 foot diameter x 6 foot length Frame is on casters for ease of mobility

FED Draw Fram and Barmag Winder
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C3029

Used FED Draw Fram and Barmag Winder with: Application: orients and draws polymer fibers and winds onto carboard spools Computer controlled Production speed up to 754 feet per minute on draw frame...

MMS-3 photo
Ozone Safe Food Tech MMS-3 Mobile Sanitizer
Miscellaneous Equipment
Inventory #: C3021

Used Ozone Safe Food Tech MMS-3 Mobile Sanitizer with: Low pressure sanitizing system at 2 gpm and over 2 ppm of Ozone Stream of water: 60 PSI Dimensions: 20 inches x 16 inches x 38 inches Weight:...

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