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TC 400 Combi photo
Robopac TC 400 Combi Shrink Bundler Up To 45 Cycles Per Minute

The TC 400 COMBI machines range is the best solution for medium-speed productions in end-line packaging. The packaging speed of the TC 400 is up to 45 packages per minute. Output: up to 45 packages per...

IL-24L photo
Poly Pack IL-24L Stainless Steel Supported Product Heat Shrink Bundler

Polypack’s IL series machines are inline shrink wrappers designed to provide a bullseye wrap to products longer than 4 inches. These machines have belt-to-belt transfers, controlled by motor inverters for positive...

60-28 photo
Arpac 60/28 Non-Registered 60 Cycle Tray Wrapper with Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Arpac 60/28 Tray Wrapper system with: Capacity: up to 60 trays per minute, depending on size and applications Sealbar width: 28 inches Belt conveyor Conveyor width: 19 inches Tray wrapper electrical...

5524SS photo
Arpac 55-24SS Shrink Bundler with Heat Tunnel

Used Arpac 55-24SS: Intermittent motion Tunnel dimensions: Width: 22 inches Height: 14.5 inches Conveyor length: 84 inches Seal bar width: 24 inches Film roll maximum width: 26 inches Infeed/discharge...

105-28TW photo
Arpac 105-28TW Inline Shrink Bundler With Shrink Tunnel

Used Arpac Bundler with: Intermittent motion Overall dimensions: Length: 16.7 feet Width: 5 feet Height: 6.6 Feet Seal bar aperture: 1 foot Output: Up to 25 bundles per minute, depending...

CFH-16-24-32 VL photo
Polypack CFH-16-24-32 VL Inline Automatic Shrink Bundler with Heat Tunnel

Used Polypack CFH Inline Automatic Shrink Bundler with: Output: up to 70 packages per minute depending on materials and application Seal bar height: 8.5 inches Maximum film web width: 32 inches ...

CSI-30TW photo
PMI CSI-30TW Shrink Wrapper Bundler and Heat Tunnel

Used PMI CSI-30TW Shrink Wrapper Bundler and Heat Tunnel with: Clear Film Only 30 Inch Wide Seal Bar 23 Inch Wide Belt Top and Bottom Film Feeds Wraps up to 15 Trays per Minute 84 Inch Long...

450 photo
Pester Pewo Pack 450 Automatic Shrink Bundler

Used Pester Pewo Pack 450 Automatic Shrink Bundler Production output rate: Up to 50 bundles per minute Minimum product dimensions: Length: 1.1 inch Width: 1.1 inch...

107-20 photo
Arpac 107-20 Non-Registered Supported Multipack Shrink Bundler

Used Arpac 107-20 Multipack Shrink Bundler with: Multipacker bundler upstacker Double stacks product Infeed conveyor belt width: 6 inches Infeed height: 32 inches Product width: 9.875 inches Product...

Capra 120LS-SS photo
Arpac Capra 120LS-SS Shrink Bundler

Used Arpac Capra 120LS-SS Shrink Bundler with: Lugged infeed dimensions: 90 inches long x 21 inches wide Lug centers: 23 inches Infeed height: 35.5 inches Outfeed height: 35.5 inches Vacuum hold...

F43 - Stretch bander photo
MultiPack F43 Stretch Bander Mini-Bundler

Used MultiPack Bundler 8422 with: Bundler capable of creating stack pattern and then stretch banding entire stack Up to 45 packs per minute depending on pattern Polyethylene Belt conveyor 9.5 wide...

801-T photo
Kisters 801-T High Speed Non Print Registered Tray Bundler Up To 80 Bundles Per Minute

The 801-T bundler is a continuous motion packaging machinery for the beverage, food and non-food industries. Designed to handle a wide range of products at 80 packs per minute. This machine wraps pre-formed trays...

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