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A pallet inverter or pile turner is a machine that is used to turn over pallets while still loaded with products. The reasons for needing to turn over a pallet are varied, but one main reason is the need to replace a broken or inappropriate pallet without un-stacking the whole load. Pallet inverters can use hydraulics or electric motors to manipulate the product.

P150-45 photo
Econo Lift P15045 4400 Lb Capacity Pallet Inverter

Used Econo Lift Pallet Inverter with: Load capacity: 4,400 pounds Jaw opening: Minimum: 24 inches Maximum: 75 inches Rotation: Speed: 2 rotations per minute Capability: 0 - 180°...

U124848E photo
Air Technical Industries U124848E Pallet Inverter

Used Air Technical Industries Pallet Inverter with: Lifting capacity: Up to 2,000 pounds Maximum clamp height: 50 inches Degree of rotation: 90 degrees 180 degrees Platform...

7 -1 photo
Payne Standard 180 Degree Pallet Inverter

Used Payne Pallet Inverter with: Stationary pallent inverter Capacity: Rotation: 180° Lift: 4,400 pounds Maximum clamp height: 72 inches Motor horsepower: 5 Drive motor: hydraulic...

E180RL photo
Stapelwender E180RL 180 Degree Pile Turner

Used Stapelwender E180RL Pile Turner with: Pit mounted, 18 inches deep 180 degree pile rotation Max Sheet Size: 50 inches x 70 inches Max weight: 4000 pounds

Long Reach MSTAVLD-INV photo
Brudi Long Reach Stationary Load Inverter

Used Brudi Load Inverter with: Load capacity: up to 5,000 pounds Rotation: Type: cylinder Range: 180° left or right Opening range: approximately 22 - 75 inches Approximate footprint...

Bin Blender photo
Tote Handling Systems Bin Blender Pallet Inverter

Used Tote Bulk Handling Systems Pallet Inverter with: Double pedestal design Pallet size: up to 48 inches x 48 inches Forklift loadable Complete on base 7.5 Horsepower, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 460 volt...

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