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This type of vertical form, fill, and seal machine creates strip foil packages that may contain objects such as tablets. Pharma strip packager VFFS machines use two rolls of foil which are set opposite to each other. As foil is pulled from each side, it is fed through rollers. Capsules or tablets are fed into a hopper that distributes them into rows. The pills are dispensed between the foil layers as the foil passes through the rollers. Cavities in the rollers protect the capsules or tablets and allow the machine to laminate the foil. After filling and sealing the cavities, some machines perforate and cut the packets, while others cut the packets apart without perforating.

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V12M photo
Circle Packaging V12M 3-Up Form Fill Seal

Used Circle Packaging V12M 3-Up Form Fill Seal with: Robust machine construction Vertical configuration Continuous motion Towelette reel web width: 52 inches Folding stations Compatible film...

Wrap Ade VSP 6R2 Stainless Steel Vertical Strip Packager

Used Wrap Ade Strip Packager with: Applications: Tablets Caplets Capsules Soft gels Web specs: Single 12" web unwind with splitter Maximum package web width: 6 inches Currently set...

NV-2 photo
Universal Pack NV-2 Vert Form Fill Strip Packager

Used Universal Pack NV-2 Vertical Form Fill and Sealer with: 2 filling tubes Seal bar width: 7 inches Programmable touch pad controls Digital temperature displays Manual switches Clear film...

UPTR photo
Wrap Aide UPTR Vertical Form, Fill and Seal

Used Wrap Aide UPTR Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine with: Application: designed for manual loading of small items Dual web feed Single knife cut-off Heated dies: 2.5 inches x 2 inches Drop in with...

DXDK900 photo
Jinzhou DXDK900 Four Edge Pouch Sealer

Used Jinzhou DXDK900 Four Edge Pouch Sealer with: Compact structure Seals four edges of a bag Automatic control Frequency step less speed regulation Photo-electricity inspects spot of printing 3...

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