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Presses use high pressure to compact powders or granules into a solid mass. To help the material bond together, bonding agents may be added to the product. Rotary and single action tablet presses are common examples of this type of equipment. Single action presses are typically used for low volume production, while continuous rotary presses are used in high volume operations.

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Stand Alone Mid Wedge photo
BE&SCO Stand Alone Mid Wedge Press and 2x2 Grill System

Used BE&SCO Tabletop Press and 2x2 Grill System with: Production: up to 900 per hour depending on application Press time: 3 seconds Overall dimensions (press alone): Length: 26 inches Width: 13.6...

900-349 photo
Stokes 900-349 Rotary Tablet Press

Used Stokes 900-349 Rotary Tablet Press with: Maximum output: up to 5,940 tablets per hour (depending on diameter) Rotations per minute: 3 to 11 Main pressure: 30 US ton Maximum filling depth:...

3090 photo
Fette Compacting 3090 Stainless Steel High Speed Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press

Used Fette 3090 Rotary Tablet Press with: Multiple interchangeable turrets Dies "D" punch type for 49 stations speed up to 470,000 per hour maximum "B" punch type for...

ADEPT 20 Station Tablet Press

Used ADEPT Tablet Press with: 20 Stations Station dimensions: 1.5 inches Tablet counter and control station Speed control Guard by-pass option Tablet weight control knob Final thickness control...

ZPY33E photo
Vanguard Magnum ZPY33E Rotary Tablet Press

Used Magnum ZPY33E Rotary Tablet Press with: Application: designed to press granulated material into tablets 33 Station Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press. This is a “D” size Tablet Press capable...

SX 280 photo
GoodNature Squeezebox SX 280 Powder Coat Accordion Filter Press

Used GoodNature Squeezebox Press with: Production output: up to 450 gallons per hour (depending on application) Filter bag size: 28 inches Pressing chambers: 2 Layers in each chamber: 12 Electrical...

Powder Press M/C photo
Ace Tech Co. Ltd 3 Inch Diameter Powder Press

Used Powder Press with: 3 inch diameter press Working table: 31 inches x 28 inches Working height: 30 inches from ground Automatic/manual application Pressure gauge Stainless steel work table

Zp60-17 photo
Chen Guang ZP60-17 Diameter Large Double Side Rotary Tablet Press

Used Chen Guang ZP60-17 Diameter Large Double Side Rotary Tablet Press with: Capacity: maximum 5400 pieces per hour for 200 gram Maximum diameter: 80 millimeters Maximum working pressure: ...

X-1 photo
Goodnature X-1 Commercial Juice Press

Used Goodnature X-1 Commercial Juice Press with: Capacity: up to 30 pounds per batch Maximum production 12 ounce bottle: up to 400 bottles per hour 16 ounce bottle: up to 384 bottles per hour Easy...

P/33.4/7 photo
2000 Italpresse P/33.4/7 Stamping Press

Used Italpresse stamping press with: Press plate dimensions: Length: 130 inches Width: 55 inches Press plate clearance: 4.5 inches Discharge height: 41 inches Overall dimensions: Length: 162...

RTP 10i photo
LFA RTP 10i Stainless Steel Rotary Tablet Press

Used LFA Rotary Tablet Press with: Output: up to 12000 tablets per hour Number of dies: 10 Maximum pressure: 60 kiloNewtons Maximum pre-pressure: 10 kiloNewtons Maximum tablet dimensions: ...

TRP9000-5S photo
Korsch TRP900-5S 5 layer 67 Station Tablet Press

Used Korsch TRP900-5S 5 layer 67 station tablet press with: Built for 24/7 operation Five layer tablet production Double guide rollers Up to 27 millimeters in diameter tablets Up to 44 millimeters...

Pneumatic Liquid Press with Jacketed Hopper

Pneumatic Liquid Press with: Hopper capacity: 3 gallons Jacketed hopper MAWP: 50 PSI @ 300°F MDMT: -20°F @ 50 PSI Stainless steel construction Overall dimensions: Length: 28 inches Width:...

Versa10BDSS photo
GlobePharma Versa10BDSS Tablet Press

Used GlobePharma tablet press with: Compression maximum: up to 5 tons Output speed: up to 10800 pieces per hour Turret speed: Maximum: 30 rpm Minimum: 4.5 rpm Stainless steel platform...

SC-2 photo
Key International SC-2 Tablet Press

Used Key International tablet press with: Compression capacity: 1.5 tons Tablet diameter: up to 0.5 inches Depth of fill: up to approximately 0.5 inches Single Layer Single Station

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