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EvoFilm photo
Sidel EvoFilm Shrink Bundler For Supported/Unsupported Product Nested Product Capable Up To 150 PPM

The EvoFilm seamless shrink wrapper has a variety of capabilities from supported and unsupported packs as well as print-registered or non-print-registered film. The system can also do standard or nested packs....

TSP Advanced photo
KHS TSP Advanced Supported/Unsupported Bundler Up To 120 Packs Per Minute

Used KHS TSP Advanced Bundler with: Capacity: up to 120 packs per minute, depending products and materials Number of lanes: up to 2 (tray processing) Container size: 48mm to 120mm Pack dimensions, machine...

CFH-24-32-40CVL photo
Polypack CFH Continuous Motion Total Closure Supported/Unsupported Stainless Steel Shrink Bundler

The Polypack FH/CFH shrink-bundler machine series provides retail-ready, total closure shrink bundles. This machine utilizes a forming head to produce packaging solutions for a variety of products. The product...

BPMP-50 photo
Arpac Brandpac Model BPMP-50 Automatic Single Roll Shrink Bundler

Used Arpac Brandpac Model BPMP-50 Automatic Single Roll Shrink Bundler with: Model: BPMP-50 Print registration eye Capable of Unsupported Multipack Shrink Bundling or Tray Product Shrink Bundling Speeds...

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