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This type of equipment is designed to pump or move products such as liquids, paste etc. Pumps are available in many different sizes and can be used in a variety of ways.

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Flexicon PF6 Aseptic Liquid Dispenser/Pump for Peristaltic Filling

Used Flexicon Filling Pump with: Application: sterile lab filling of vials, bottles, test tubes, etc. Fill volume: Minimum: 0.5 ml Maximum: 250 ml Accuracy: ± -0.5% Pump head: ...

Waukesha 045-US Positive Displacement Pump

Used Waukesha Pump with: Positive displacement pump Capacity: Flow-rate: 58 gallons per minute Displacement per revolution: 0.098 gallons Drive ratio: 37.5 Temperature range: ...

MR-135 photo
MasoSine MR-135 Pump

Used MasoSine MR-135 Pump with: Capacity: Up to 138 gallons per minute depending on product Displacement per revolution: 0.23 gallons Inlet: 3 inches Outlet: 3 inches Motor: 5 horsepower Table...

Stainless Steel Seepex Pump Mounted on Skid

Used Stainless Steel Seepex Pump with: Inlet/outlet diameter: 1.5 inches Compact Standard 02-10 Skid mounted

QRH10675 photo
Kecol QRH10675 Stainless Steel Drum Pump

Used Kecol Drum Pump with: Maximum output: 45 liters per minute Maximum lift height: 48 inches Base dimensions: Length: 22 inches Width: 31 inches Plate diameter: 21 inches (approximately)...

Bulldog photo
Graco Bulldog 55 Gallon Drum Pump with Pneumatic Lift

Used Graco Bulldog Pump with Pneumatic Lift with: Pump size: 55 gallon drum Plunger diameter: 42 inches Maximum fluid working pressure: 1000 psi (7 MPa) Maximum pump air input pressure: 100 psi...

Positive Displacement Pump

Used Positive Displacement Pump with: Push button controls Purge failure light indicator Mounted on casters Baldor Motor: 0.33 Horsepower 1750 RPM 56C Frame 90 Volts

Edwards E2M28 Two Stage Rotary Vacuum Pump

Used Edwards Vacuum Pump with: Dual stage, rotary vane vacuum pump CFM: 21 Pressure: 7.5x10.4 Torr - 1x10-3 mbar Maximum water vapor capacity: 700 grams per hour Operating temperature range: 53...

MasoSine Model MR-150 SS Sanitary Process Pump with Motor

Used MasoSine MR-150 Pump with: Model: MR-150 Capable of handling up to 2 inch diameter product Last used in food industry

Sine Tote Unloading System TPP-T-0401 with Sine Pump MR135

Used Sine Tote Unloading System with: Model: TPP-T-0401 Stainless steel Maximum flow rate: 138.7 gpm, 31,500 lph Maximum Working Pressure 150 psi 10 bar Operation Temperature Range 250 Degree F (130...

Ingersoll Rand ARO PD10A-ASS-STT Lot of 2 Centrifugal Pumps

Used Pumps with: Working pressure: 120 psig Bar: 8.3 Inlet: 1 inch threaded Outlet: 1 inch threaded

Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter

Used Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Flow Rate of 450 cubic feet per minute Drain port Removable lid Mounted on four legs Steel construction Maximum Pressure: 15 PSI Max temperature of 300 degrees...

Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter

Used Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter with: Flow rate: 450 cubic feet per minute Maximum pressure: 15 PSI Maximum temperature: 300°F Drain port Removable lid Mounted on four legs Steel construction...

Becker U 4.40 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Used Becker Vacuum Pump with: Max CFM: 28.8 Ultimate pressure: 0.5 Mbar Oil/air separator Electrical: 208/230/460 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

Gardner Denver Vacuum Pump with Filters

Used Vacuum Pump with: Capacity: 2000-3350 per minute 120-140 mbar Electrical: 200-240 volts, 50-60 hz, phase 3 Mounted on plate with filters

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