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This type of automatic stretch wrapper uses a vertically or horizontally oriented ring to wrap stretch film around a product. When product is fed horizontally through a vertical ring, it is called an orbital stretch wrapper. The carriage of stretch film travels around the edge of the ring, applying stretch film as it moves. A semi-automatic orbital stretch wrapper is commonly used to wrap long products. Some semi-automatic horizontal orbital stretch wrappers require an operator to attach the first part of the film to the pallet or other object, then feed it into the ring, allowing it to be wrapped by the rotating carriages of film. Others only need the operator to feed the product through the ring.

When product is wrapped vertically by a horizontal ring that moves up and down, it is called a ring stretch wrapper. When using a ring stretch wrapper, product is placed in the center of the ring. The ring supports a carriage of stretch film, which travels along the inside of the ring as the ring moves up and down over the product. Ring stretch wrappers are able to apply stretch film at very high speeds.

Product Postioned Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: B4591

Used Stretch Wrapper with: Foot pedal operated Painted mild steel construction

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