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For rotary retort processes, a cage is mounted in the lower (process) vessel. The upper vessel is a hot water reservoir that is preheated for the next process and is used to capture the sterile water from the previous process. The lower cage rotates during the cooking process to assist in even temperature profile and mixing of internal product. The principle behind any food sterilization or pasteurization process is to balance the key elements of temperature, pressure, time and dynamics to ensure the desired product quality and required production levels, while keeping power and raw material usage to a minimum. Using these variables, your engineers have the necessary tools to select the ideal sterilization recipe for you that will achieve your requirements in the most effective and economical way. The simplest and most effective means of storing a large part of our food supply is by canning and pouching in which preservation by heat or thermal processing is used to provide a safe and palatable product. The thermal processing of canned foods, commonly known as “cooking, retorting, or processing” is the application of heat at a specified temperature for a specified time. This operation has two fundamental purposes. The first is to produce a commercially sterile product. The product is contained in a hermetically sealed container and is subjected to heat treatment at a temperature and for a time sufficient to destroy all organisms that might adversely affect the consumer’s health. Heat treatment also destroys more resistant organisms that could produce spoilage under normal storage conditions. The second purpose is to cook the food to a point where a minimum of further preparation is necessary for its consumption.

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610-10 photo
JBT 610-10 Steritort Lab Pressure Retort Sterilizer

Used JBT Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer with: Designed for pilot research and development projects by enabling processors to design thermal processes by replicating the effect of time and temperature variables...

A-176-OS photo
Surdry Single Door Horizontal Steam Oscillating Retort

Used Surdry Retort with: Model: A-176-OS Type: oscillating Capacity: 7 carts Complete with set of trays and carts Stainless steel construction Cooking and cooling operation National...

ABRS photo
FMC ABRS Stainless Steel Automated Batch Retort

Used FMC Retort with: Capacity: 1 basket Interior dimensions: Diameter: 35 inches Depth/Length: 36 inches Rotary Single door unit Log-Tec digital control interface Honeywell...

610-10 Steritort photo
FMC Reid 610 10 Steritort Can Sterilizer Retort

Used FMC/Reid Retort with: Capacity: reels for 300, 307, 401 and 404 cans Drive: 2 Horsepower brake motor Mechanical variable speed Rated: 45 psi @ 405° Fahrenheit Quick opening single...

PR900 photo
Stock Pilot Rotor 900 Full Immersion Rotary Retort

Used Stock Retort with: Vertical Autoclave Capacity: Liters: 400 Gallons: 105.6 Internal dimensions: Diameter: 35.4 inches Depth: 23.6 inches Working pressure: 6 bar...

Allpax Research and Development Rotational Retort

Used Allpax Research and Development Rotational Retort with: Water immersion rotating retort Designed to process all types of containers with a focus on trays, jars, bottles, and cans Water immersion...

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