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This type of equipment is used to remove solids from a liquid, or to separate liquids of different densities or viscosities. Many models of sifting and separating equipment allow the use of aids to make the sifting process more effective. Some variations of equipment use added liquid or air bursts to move the products through the sifter and provide a more thorough sifting stage. This equipment is commonly used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and dairy industries.

2503 photo
Brown 2503 Stainless Steel Juice Extractor
Inventory #: H1019

Used Brown Extractor with: Application: separating liquids from solids in product such as vegetables, citrus and other fruits Capabilities: Pulper De-waterer Screw press Solids separator...

CAO 201 PMO photo
Andritz Frautech CAO 201 PMO Disc Stack Separator
Inventory #: G6126Featured

Used Andritz Frautech CAO 201 PMO Disc Stack Separator with: Application: dairy, beverages, oils and fats, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, biofuels, mineral oils and metalworking fluids,...

SIH 10 007 photo
Westfalia SIH 10 007 Quark Separator
Inventory #: G3033

Used Westfalia SIH 10 007 Quark Separator with: Separates whey from cultured products Can be used for yogurt, cheese, and cream cheese 5,000 liters per hour 11,000 pounds per hour Liquid to liquid...

CA 755-71-32 photo
Westfalia CA-755-71-32 Decanter Centrifuge
Inventory #: D6136

Used Westfalia CA-755-71-32 Decanter Centrifuge with: Application: used for separating pulp or fibre from fruits and vegetables Bowl Diameter: 400 millimeters Maximum bowl speed: up to 2600 rotations...

AX 215H-31B-60 photo
Alfa Laval AX 215H-31B-60 Separation Module
Inventory #: C5992

Used Alfa Laval AX 215H-31B-60 Separation Module with: Application: Designed for use by craft brewers. This module is particularly suitable for clarifying beer after fermentation, maturation, and polishing...

RSA 60-01-076 photo
Westfalia RSA60-01-076 Disc Separator
Inventory #: B3093

Used Westfalia RSA 60-01-076 Disc Separator with: Maximum bowl speed: 6450 RPM 25 horsepower centrifuge Frisham pump Stainless steel contact parts Painted mild steel frame Allen-Bradley PanelView...

DSM photo
Dorr-Oliver Stainless Dewatering Separator
Inventory #: A5573

Used Dorr-Oliver Stainless Dewatering Separator with: Model DSM Internal distribution manifold spraying liquid over fine screen Discharges solids and separates liquids through outlets (2) 6 inch...

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