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This type of counter uses a long piece of plastic, called a slat, with a set number of holes or cavities to count pills or tablets prior to packaging. The slat moves under a bulk pile of tablets, allowing one to fall into each cavity. The slat then repositions and drops the tablets into a container. This can be repeated as many times as necessary to reach the required capacity of the container.

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IMA Swiftcount Tablet Counter

Used IMA Tablet Counte with: Stainless steel construction Push button controls Electrical: 120 volts, 60 hz, phase 1

King Slat Counter with Product Conveyor

Used King Slat Counter with Product Conveyor with: Fill two lanes of six bottles per lane Minimum bottle per minute: 8 Maximum bottle per minute: 145 Low pill count: 10s High pill count: 500s...

Merrill 72-39 photo
Merrill 72-39 Slat Counter

Merrill 72-39 Slat Counter: Up to 200 bottles per minute depending on configuration Control System Allen Bradley PLC Allen Bradley HMI Designed to Cat 3 safety specifications Contact...

CF-1230 photo
Cremer CF-1230 12 Lane Tablet Capsule Counter

Used Cremer CF-1230 Tablet Capsule Counter with: Twelve (12) lane Air pressure: 87 pounds per square inch Electricals: Phase: 3 Voltage: 380 Frequency: 50 hertz Conveyor: 96 length x 4.5...

MC-2 photo
Modular Packaging Systems MC-2 Tablet Counter

Used Modular Packaging Systems, Inc. MC-2 Tablet Counter with: The benchtop MC-2 utilizes vibratory feeders to allow for all sizes and shapes of product Easy set-up and breakdown Plugs into standard...

,TCE1-R photo
Dietz Pharmafill TCE1-R Tablet & Capsule Counter

Used Dietz Tablet & Capsule Counter with: Output: Tablets: Up to 3,000 per minute Capsule: Up to 1,500 per minute Left to right product flow One lane counter Feed hopper: Rim length:...

Reformer 450-93 photo
Lakso Reformer 450-93 Stainless Steel Slat Counter

Used Lakso Reformer 450-93 Slat Counter with: Last used for: desiccants Stainless steel feed hopper Dimensions: 26 inches long x 29 inches wide x 21 inches deep Allen Bradley touch controls 7.5...

SC-6L photo
King Model SC6L Stainless Steel Slat Counter

Used King Slat Counter with: Capacity/output: Up to 120 bottles per minute Up to 10,000 tablets per minute Size capacity: Capsules: 0 - 5 Tablets: 3 - 25 mm Fill six containers...

72-15 photo
IPS 72 15 Slat Tablet Capsule Counter

Used IPS Slate 72-15 Slate Tablet Capsule Counter with: Production rate: 100 bottles per minute at 100 count PLC swing out controls with: Color touch screen Windows base operation interface...

Reformer 450 photo
Lakso Reformer 450 Stainless Steel Slat Counter

Used Lakso Slat Counter with: Output: up to 100 bottles per minutue on 100 count bottle Stainless steel feed hopper Worm screw container indexing Microscan detection system Allen Bradley Compact...

Reformer 450-93 photo
Lakso Reformer 450 Stainless Steel Slat Counter

Used Lakso Slat Counter with: Capacity/output: up to 100 bottles per minute on 100 count bottle Conveyor dimensions: Width: 7.5 inches Length: 219 inches Stainless steel feed hopper ...

SC15 photo
King SC15 16 Channel Stainless Steel Slat Counter

Used King SC15 Slat Counter with: 16 Channels Independent vibratory product feed controls Digital display Manual switches Photo eye detection Stainless steel construction

SM385A photo
Speck Tech Automatic Stainless Steel Slat Counter

Used Speck-Tech Slat Counter with: Number of lanes: 6 Output: up to 80 bottles per minute Sifing and feeding hopper with cover Automatic height control Stainless steel construction

SC6L photo
King SC6L Slat Counter

Used King SC6L Slat Counter with: Size 0 tooling, never been used Slats for 30, 60, 90, and 120 count bottles Tablet size range: 3 - 25 millimeters Capsule size range: 0 - 5 Output: up to 10,000...

300 photo
Lakso Reformer Model 300

Used Lakso Reformer Model 300 with : 300 tablet/capsule counter/filler Rated to 5000 tablets per minute Made in 1990 With manual 115V/60HZ/1PH

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